VIDEO: Vacation make up

Alright guys, go easy on me. Here is my very first make up tutorial and I’m pretty freaked out by it. First off, ever since launching my YouTube channel I’ve managed to find a whole new set of flaws in myself. I won’t get into them since I’m not about promoting self hate (I’m being dramatic, I swear), but it’s really really really hard for me to watch myself on camera. Pictures, ok. Video, a different story.

Ok, let’s get back on topic here. Since I just got back from the Amalfi Coast and still have somewhat of a tan, I figured I would share my vacation make up routine since I got a lot of questions on Snapchat about what products I was using. Honestly, having a tan makes the process so much quicker and easier, I really wish I could maintain this color all year long!

I have linked all the product below so simply click on them to be directed to where you can shop! If you have any questions at all feel free to leave a comment below, but PLEASE don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and give a thumbs up (if you liked the vid!).