Amalfi Coast Travel Guide



Welllll I wasn’t going to post this until I figured out a way to post my full travel video as well, but as it turns out I’m a total newbie when it comes to anything with video and YouTube and I just cannot figure it out. My issue: the song. Copyright issues. Whatever. Someone tell me what song I can use to edit my video to and I will redo the damn thing lol. But until then, enjoy the 1 minute version on Insta.

While staying in Positano, Paul and I hired a private driver to take us along the coast of the Amalfi Coast to experience the other towns. I was initially really torn between only staying in Capri and Positano or adding other towns to the trip but I’m really happy we didn’t. For starters, each town is smaller than the next. We started the tour in Praiano, which was a small little town that pretty much looks like a mini Positano. During the drive I was all about stopping for pics of the natural beauty–trees, views, cliffside, etc.

We also visited the town Amalfi, which was a cluster-you-know-what. So many people! My nightmare, really. The town was definitely the second biggest after Positano, but it didn’t offer anything that I wasn’t already getting in Positano. What I did learn is that each town pretty much has the same organized beach with the colorful umbrellas–exciting! I made the driver stop at Furore since I’ve been drooling over pins of that little cove beach for years. Right now, due to rock slides, the beach is closed. Sad day.

During the drive some cars were parked illegally, making a one-hour traffic jam on that extremely narrow, one-laned road. My heat rash definitely peaked at that point with the convertible top down. Once we made it out of the traffic jam our driver took us to a beautiful little town that seems to be situated at the top of the mountain called Ravello. This place was stunning, quiet, picturesque, truly authentic feeling. I ended up buying a case of olive oil from a little shop in Ravello, and was very close to purchasing a backgammon set that cost a small fortune. Lukcily (for Paul) we didn’t have enough room in our suitcase for it 🙁

So, would I recommend touring the entire Amalfi Coast? Yes. If circumstances allow, I would do a private tour so you’re on your own schedule. We saw plenty of buses throughout the drive and that, again, is my worst nightmare. I didn’t think I would need the entire day to do it, but in order to not rush, allow time for unexpected traffic, and for photo stops along the way, it ended up being a full day. Plus, I wanted to squeeze every last drop of Italy out of my trip so I’m happy we did it.