Ready for something crazy? Paul and I moved in together 6-ish month into dating. Yeah…it’s pretty crazy when I actually think about the irrational decisions I made as a “kid.” Kid, as in, 23 years old. However, I can’t bash it too much since it clearly worked out for us. Moving in with Paul was no different than living with a best friend. He was / is considerate, mindful of my space, respectful of my belongings, and equally contributes to the household. Aside from our zip code, things really haven’t changed.

I can appreciate that about Paul. He is completely consistent as a human being, husband, employee, and friend. I never have to worry that tomorrow he is going to wake up and suddenly be a different person. We have been through so much together in terms of living together–a break-in (if you want to hear this story let me know), got 2 dogs, moved 3 times, bought a house, did work on our house, all in a matter of 6 years. But even through all of that I couldn’t imagine living, or being married to, anyone else.

Tell us, what do you want to hear next from us? We are totally open to suggestions–this is actually how we began doing His + Her videos in the first place (thanks Shanna!). YOUR suggestions fuel my fire and give me inspiration to share more with you all!