Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
It’s that time…the sale we all wait for! Shopping this sale takes me back to high school, when I would save up all my allowance and retail job money to go shop all the Juicy Couture on sale [insert laughing emoji face]. This time around I’m eyeing the expensive designer stuff I wouldn’t typically splurge on. Today, though, instead of battling the crowds I shop the sale online from the comfort of my own couch. With free shipping and free returns there is ZERO reason for me to get up, put on a bra, drive there, looking for PARKING (impossible), and most likely get run over by the tweens looking for Juicy (or whatever the trendy equivalent is today).

As an early access shopper, I’ve taken the liberty of filtering through the sale catalog to bring you my favorite picks, should you be like me and get overwhelmed looking at 89+ pages of product. To shop, simply click each product and you’ll be directed to the sale! Don’t wait too long though, early access ends July 21st, and then the sale becomes public July 22nd. If you’re confused what “early access” means, basically if you have a Nordies credit or debit card you get to shop the sale before all the non-credit card holders do. I’m not big on store credit cards (I’m sure most of us are not), so instead I actually linked the Nordies debit card to my existing checking account and I still get all the benefits and perks. Happy Shopping!