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Does anyone remember the days of Seventeen magazine, butterfly clips (100’s of them in your hair at once), Soda flip flops, and of course, YMI?! I’m such a sucker for invoking nostalgia through brands I loved growing up. It’s funny though, because this YMI dress is no different than something I wore a solid 15 years ago yet here I am wearing it once again. I guess I just seriously aged myself since I’m admitting that I’ve watched a fashion trend come full circle. In my defense though, when does a chambray dress ever really go out of style?!

Never. You’re right…

Lately all I’ve wanted to wear is an easy dress with sneakers when I’m home running around and this is the epitome of comfort meets classic Sivan style. And hey, since we are on the topic of throwback style items, how 90’s is my white bandana?! I didn’t even realize how stuck in another decade I was until I sat down to write this post. Also, in case you were wondering I totally don’t own an iron or steamer and fully embrace wrinkles (LOL).

Aside from my 90’s fashion sense, remember the inflatable furniture?! It excites me so much when I start remembering details from my childhood. I have a really bad memory and so when things pop into my mind I like to share so we can not only have a discussion about it but also to make a physical effort to jot it down for future reference.

On a completely unrelated note (feeling a little ADD today), I’m really hoping all these fires get fully contained soon and all the people affected by them can safely return home.

YMIchambray dress



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I’M WEARING: YMI Chambray dress | Converse sneakers | Balenciaga bag