Flamingle Party

You know that cake I made the other day? Well, here is the party to go along with it. My girlfriend decided to throw a flamingo themed pool party for her birthday this year and I of course had to share all the cute details. Kelly (birthday girl) is my DIY / crafting partner-in-crime so it was no surprise that she wanted to make all the decor for her party.

Don’t think for 1 second that most of the cuteness was store-bought. Yup, I mean she made that palm / flower wall, pom pom tablecloth, balloon tassels, flower arrangements, and let’s not forget the food + drinks. Every detail down to the toothpicks used for the mini chicken + pineapple skewers were adorable and IG-worthy.

The party was the perfect summer setting, complete with flamingo and donut pool floaties, and let’s not forget the baby flamingo drink holders floating around, too.  And while she pulled it off seamlessly, you know how those 5am flower mart runs go in the days leading up to the party…needless to say, Kelly was the ultimate soirée host. Throwing parties with these types of personal touches is a lost art in my opinion, and I praise anyone who takes the time to plan and get hands-on to make it a memorable occasion!

See for yourself.