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You guys, the anxiety that plagues me when I don’t consistently blog is insane! I’m typically very disciplined when it comes to sticking to my blogging schedule but with all the recent travel I’ve been doing mixed with it just being summer in general I’ve totally been playing hooky on myself! I just got home from Maui a couple days ago and today (Sunday night) is the first time I’ve actually even looked at my own blog in 10 days. I mean, that’s just sad. I have a HUGE list of topics to write about that just keeps getting longer, as each article I post is a “catching up” post rather than providing you with my normal, informative, interesting content. I’m sorry about that.

Before I dive into a plethora of new recipes, cocktails, workout routines (by request), beauty products, the works, a topic I’ve actually wanted to discuss all summer is what I’m going to start off with today. This summer I was lucky enough to surround myself with amazing bloggers, brands, events, and travel that has provided my blog with the growth I’ve been working towards for so long. I’m extremely thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been given this summer. Seriously. Not to mention, my community of readers has expanded, which has provided another level of growth as well. I’m loving getting to know you guys through our shared love for beauty products, home decor, relationships, etc. So what’s the problem?

Let’s be totally honest here. The events are pretty fabulous. Free yummy cocktails, usually somewhere beautiful, amazing decor that someone clearly put a lot of effort into, the ENDLESS gifting, I mean what is there not to love, right? Each and every time I attend a blogging event I’m blown away by the effort and love put into them and make it my mission to let them know how grateful I am to be included. Maybe it’s just the way I was raised but I feel it’s the right thing to do.

At the end of the day it’s my job to attend these events and document them for you. I totally enjoy it. Shockingly, I’ve discovered that many, and I mean many, influencers in attendance aren’t really loving being there. It’s more of an obligation and it shows. It gets under my skin because as an influencer you are sharing your life and “influencing” your audience through your choices in life. Why portray something you don’t really love or didn’t enjoy? Am I making any sense here?

I guess I just want to make something clear to my readers. Anything you see me post–on the blog, IG, Snapchat–is something I 100% believe in, love, and enjoy, and if I didn’t enjoy it you will also hear my honest opinion (or I won’t post about it). Always. I’ve heard a lot of readers express to other bloggers that sometimes their lifestyle comes off “braggy” and un-relatable, and that is something I never want to be. In fact, my 10-second elevator pitch to brands completely revolves around my realistic approach to life. You don’t see me wearing Givenchy shoes, carrying Chanel, etc. It’s not me. Sure, I love the stuff, but I’d be lying if I said (or posted) that’s all I wear (or can afford).

Ok, I know this is getting long and I don’t want to talk your ear off about this topic. Just know that I’m here to share the honest version of my life (with slightly nicer photos) with you. If you ever feel you can’t relate or have any suggestions about what you would prefer to hear / see from me, please tell me!

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