Yellow Mini Dress



Last month when I was in Miami I decided this dress was the perfect little “sundress” to wear to a day full of Swim Week events. It’s short, bright, light, fun, done. I was also highly depending on this dress to brighten my mood, which wasn’t quite as chipper due to a throbbing hangover and some personal issues I was dealing with. I left my hotel feeling a little bouncier to go meet my photographer in the lobby to shoot this look before we embarked on the day of events.

The moment we began shooting one of the sleeves disconnected from the dress, making me look like I was on my way to a cotillion with arm-length gloves (Gilmore Girls reference)…not really the look I was going for during MSW. I was instantly annoyed. Just why. You know? Like, give me a damn break!

We kept shooting but I felt deflated. Not because that sleeve was so important to me, but because at that point it was just principal. Why were things just refusing to go smoothly?? Once we finished shooting and entered our first event, my photographer, who so graciously took care of me in a sense (BTW we had just met the night before for the first time), grabbed my other “connected” arm and snapped it away from the dress. Her actions spoke volumes. I was being an effing baby and needed to get over it.

It has taken me almost a month to post this look because I couldn’t think of one positive thing to say about it. I was in a shitty mood and nothing else came to mind except negativity. Remembering this story, and now seeing the good in it, I can finally bring myself to share the look with you. It (the look & the story) is nothing that crazy, but my attitude and perception of the whole situation finally changed to a point I could share something a little more positive. Sometimes the right people walk into your lives and make you see a situation differently. It may have taken me a month, but I’m so grateful for this photographer who I now also call a friend. Thank you, Karla.

For the record, I continued to wear the “gloves” the rest of the day. In fact, it made for a great conversation starter.



Photography by: Karla Garcia