Friday night in my house is date night. After a long work week, cooking and eating at home, and evening workouts throughout the week, Friday night we spoil ourselves. Paul and I pretty much have a standing res at one of our favorite sushi spots in the Valley for Friday nights and we couldn’t love it more. We love the vibe (casual but cute), we order without looking at the menu, drink lots of sake (if we have to wait for a table), and just have fun. Date nights are super important in my opinion, because life is an absolute grind, and while sometimes the last thing you want to do is “go out” it’s a nice change of pace. It also allows us alone time (yes, alone time away from our needy ass dogs!) to just catch up and spend quality time together.

Although our Friday night sushi ritual never gets told to me, we like to switch things up the rest of the weekend. Typically we spend a lot of time at home working on home improvement / DIY projects, relaxing with the kids (pups), drinking wine by the fire, etc., but on nights we are up for something different we have a few go-to options that never fail.

I can’t even tell you the last time we did “dinner & a movie,” for multiple reasons. 1) I have a disorder that when it’s past 7:00PM, dark, and I’m comfortable I fall asleep during movies. So nighttime movies don’t really work. I’m being totally serious. 2) Paul thinks he’s a major movie critic so we can’t ever decide on which movie is actually “worth seeing in theaters” (hi, I’ll just wait 4 years for Netflix to pick it up….), and 3) Sitting and watching a movie in silence isn’t really quality time together. I may sound totally cheesy here but when we look for an activity to do together we think about these things.

With that said, I’ve put together a list of date night ideas that we always enjoy, and if you don’t do them too often it will have a novel feel each time you do it. See my list below.







-Escape Room: We’ve tried this with other couples (as a double date) and it is so. much. fun! There are tons of themes to chose from and the entire concept has you on edge. I’m a super competitive person so this really gets me excited (and crazy), which Paul often finds ridiculous and funny. Google “escape room” to find the nearest one to you.

-Comedy Club: I’m on the mailing list for 2 comedy clubs in Los Angeles and every few months I’ll reserve us tix to see either our favorites or new comedians. Usually I’m in tears from laughing by the end and it’s always nice when we both find the same things funny.

-Wine + Painting: There are places that actually set this up, or you could obviously do it yourself at home. It’s exactly as it sounds, you drink wine and paint on canvas. Paul isn’t the best painter so it gives me an opportunity to show off my skills 🙂

-Outdoor concerts / movies:  Hollywood Bowl, Malibu Wines, or the Hollywood Cemetery all have outdoor concerts and movies and you can pack your own picnic. This is definitely one of my favorite summertime date nights but the fall weather does make it better for cuddling. Oh, and in case you’re curious, I don’t usually fall asleep during outdoor movies since I’m drinking wine.

-Beach Day Date: Find a quiet beach, pack your favorite snack (and wine, of course) and hit the beach. In tow for us are the dogs. We let them run around while we soak up the sun, sip some rosé, listen to music, and just enjoy each others company.

-Bonfire / Firepit Nights: We build a firepit in our backyard since we love spending time at home, and it’s so nice to be just steps away from a super romantic date night. Start the fire, play some vibey music, pour the wine, and don’t forget a blanket.

-Eat in the Dark: There are restaurants that you eat in pitch blackness, which might not be the best idea for a first date, as you’re probably going to get a little messy. The lack of sight enhances your other senses, making the food flavors even more enhanced.

-Game Night: I think people often forget how fun games are. Or maybe I’m just really into games since I’m so competitive. But every now and then Paul and I will arrange a last minute game night with a few friends and it always turns into a late night of screaming and drinking. Sounds like a good time, right?

-Planning A Trip: You might be confused why this is listed as a date night, but honestly, the process of planning a trip can be so much fun and gives you something to both be excited about. When Paul and I first decided we wanted to visit the Amalfi Coast for our 1-year anniversary, we got so excited looking at pictures and reading all about it online it made our whole night. It’s a nod to your future and something to work towards as a team.

-Cooking Together: Yes, going out to eat is fabulous and we do it quite often, but I love love love when Paul helps me in the kitchen. We have a few dishes that require each of our specialties in the kitchen, but trying new recipes together is also really fun. It takes some of the pressure off since you’re both responsible, too (LOL). Shake up some homemade cocktails in the process, have music playing, what’s not to love!

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