My first Q+A video is all about how I edit my Instagram photos, which cameras I use, and my best tips for taking a killer photo on the iPhone. I hope you’re not disappointed because it’s fairly straightforward. I don’t have a secret trick or anything groundbreaking to share but, you asked, so I answered!

While on this topics, I decided to narrow down my top favorite filters on VSCO since it can be pretty overwhelming. Obviously this is all based on my IG feed, but if you’re trying to attain a similar vibe you might appreciate my insight.


05: Great filter for a selfie. It has a boho feel to it, too.

-A4: For a really warm, brown-toned photo. I love using this one on scenery pics.

A6: Clean but still warm. It doesn’t totally wash you out with brightness, but rather just enhances color. I use this one pretty often.

-E5: Has a pink undertone, which only works on some photos. Other times it can look too filtered, if that makes sense.

-HB2: This one is pretty edgy and dark, but occasionally it works depending on the photo. If you’re trying to make white SUPER white this one is perfect. I don’t use this one often but it’s definitely in rotation.

-J1: Super grey, but it’s nice for a good vibey flatlay.

J5: Has a green undertone but I like using this one when I’m wearing a bikini because it makes me look tan. Obviously that’s a priority. However, I’ve noticed that this one doesn’t work too well on blondes (sorry!), something about the coloring makes blondes look grey with this filer. Not always, but I never want my¬† blondies looking grey.

J6: If J5 doesn’t work out I sometimes use this one because it’s warmer. As you can see I’m not consistent but hopefully this breakdown helps!