Uma Brightening Face Oil

I’m naturally a very dry person as a result of my thyroid condition. When face oil became all the rage a few year back I instantly went to CVS and purchased one I thought would help my poor winter skin. I was totally in love for a solid 4 days, when all of a sudden my skin started to develop a really weird texture / roughness / flakiness to it and my pores looked really enlarged. Definitely not the look I was going for. I stopped using it instantly and chalked it up to face oil not being for me.

Years later, here I am, writing a (non-sponsored) post about a product that was recently sent to me to try. UMA makes a collection of natural oils for various uses ranging from your hair, face, skin, wellness, and more. I was a little reluctant since my last experience with face oil didn’t end prettily, and was really hoping I wouldn’t find myself discarding this product 4ish days later. It’s been about a month since I started using the Brightening Face Oil and I’m completely hooked (yay!). It’s changed a lot for me, skincare-wise. Before I get into how this oil has affected me (in a good way), I want to share a little info I dug up about face oil to help anyone who isn’t fully familiar with the benefits.

Uma Oils

Face oil has a lot of amazing benefits if you use the right product. Keyword: right. As we learned above, the $9.99 version from the drugstore is not going to cut it, especially long-term. If you’re like me you want a quality product for your face, aka money-maker. Kidding, well, kinda. Face oil has the ability to protect your skin from external environmental elements like smog and pollution, obviously preventing your face from absorbing all the dirt, and in turn preventing a breakout. It makes for a great make-up primer, anti-inflammatory aid for rashes or irritation, and an effective zit-zapper (if it has tea tree oil in it). A good face oil will, in fact, moisturize the hell out of your skin by locking in the moisture with it’s thick coating. A not-so-great face oil will sit on the surface of your skin, not penetrate. Big difference.

Since using the UMA Brightening Face Oil I’ve noticed a huge (HUGE!!) difference in my skin’s dryness, or lack thereof. Typically around this time of year my skin is begging of heavy creams with multiple applications all day. It’s reallllly bad, and you can read all about my issues with it in this post. However, since starting the oil (once at night, once in the morning), I’m no longer needing anything more. I complain about my dryness to anyone who will listen so this is big for me. And for the record, this was one of my major complaints to my dermatologist and she wasn’t really able to help, so….

As the title of this post suggests, a good face oil is an investment. It’s not cheap, but in this case, since I tried both ends of the spectrum, what you pay is what you get. UMA completely stands behind their products and I promise if you use the right one for you you will love it!

After getting comfortable with the oil and figuring out the amount my skin needs I started experimenting with it as a primer and also combining it with my make-up. When I’m wearing a natural face all day the oil helps me glow. When I’m doing super light make-up the oil the perfect primer. When I’m doing heavier make-up, the oil keeps everything looking hydrated rather than dry and parched, my least favorite kinda make-up look. I plan to film a video of how I use the oil in my make-up routine so keep an eye out for that.

Sidenote, I have not yet tried the hair oil because my hair is naturally greasy after a couple days so I will keep you posted if I muster up the courage to start. I know you can still use hair oil even if your hair is naturally oily but baby steps, you know?