As long as I can remember my mother has ingrained in my head that you don’t show up anywhere empty handed. This rule didn’t just apply to a dinner or holiday, it applied anytime someone invited me anywhere. I was that girl in high school who showed up to a party (that the entire school was invited to) with a gift in hand. My mom isn’t much of a flowers and wine kinda woman though, she’s the type that will bring an elaborate dessert to accompany the meal. In fact, she’d bring the whole damn dessert table, complete with a matching table cloth and props to go along with it! Yeah…I was raised a little differently than most kids.

Today I find myself still firmly sticking by the rule. Someone invites me to something, I bring a gift. I, however, have absolutely zero issues bringing wine or champagne just about anywhere–if this doesn’t suit you I’m not sure how we are friends.

I know around the holidays it can get a little old receiving yet another bottle of wine (I should really bite my tongue for saying that), but that isn’t going to stop me. Instead I like to find fun little accessories to keep it interesting, be it a fun wine bag or just a totally random gift that the hostess might enjoy for herself. Not all hostess gifts have to be enjoyed by the entire party. Urban Outfitters has made the task of shopping for small gifts and stocking stuffers super easy, and of course don’t forget to grab a festive holiday dress while you’re at it! They have everything from affordable beauty products, sparkly jewelry, tech accessories, unique games to play with the fam, and tons of home decor items.

This little red dress totally reminds of the “Val” scene in Clueless. You know, when Cher wears that red dress and her shoes get destroyed? It’s the perfect little piece for any holiday party since you can dress it up with red lipstick or keep it more cas(ual) with a leather jacket. I already foresee myself wearing this dress on multiple occasions this holiday season.