The Cape Thompson hotel

Last week I had the pleasure of staying at The Cape Hotel in Cabo San Lucas and I wanted to give you guys my review of the place, as many of you were interested hearing about my experience staying there. This is a fairly new hotel in Cabo, and while there I learned that it was designed by a local Mexican designer who infused a strong European feel to the property. Before arriving I had of course looked up images of the hotel and thought it resembled something out of a Slim Aarons photo, and you guys know how much I love Slim-inspired places!

I went with my good friend Sophie for a fun little girls trip to explore The Cape and work on our tans. You should know that Sophie and I are very much on the same page about the pace of life–we love to have fun and cocktail it up, but we need to remain equally hydrated as we are drunk. We love to go out for a yummy dinner, but equally love staying in, ordering room service, and watching a movie. Most nights lights are out between 10 & 11PM. I guess you could say we are pretty low-key girls.

Our days were spent hanging out in a cabana overlooking the ocean, alternating between bottles of wine and water. Balance, I’m telling you. Around evening time we would swing on our balcony watching the sunset while FaceTiming with Paul so he could watch it with me. You know how much he loves a sunset! After sun down we would head to the rooftop bar for a cocktail and some photos in the cute Moroccan-inspired lounge before heading back down for dinner, and of course, dessert. The fried banana with marshmallow cream is a MUST at Manta, the restaurant!

The food was all around impeccable, but if I had to pick something that stood out to me the most, it’s the banana-crusted french toast. Like, the food was almost too good since this was a bikini-only trip. I didn’t step foot in the hotel gym but I saw a picture online and it looked super nice (LOL).

Ready for my one complaint? There was this massive iguana that was obsessed with me. In fact, I’ve decided that I was a lizard in my past life, which is why all reptiles love me and always come after me. The iguana was straight up STARING at me for half an hour and when I went into the ocean and came back……it was laying on my lounge-chair……and then… peed!!!!!!! To say I caused a scene is putting it lightly. I was screaming. Of out fear, of course. Thankfully everyone (guests and the staff) found me amusing and laughed rather than throwing me out of the hotel.

Some of you asked about The Cape as a wedding venue, and I definitely think this would make a beautiful setting. And hey, it’s SO much closer and easier than Europe (if you’re in Southern California, obviously). I loved the rooftop and cliffside vibes, I definitely hope to be back soon.