5 BLOGGING TIPS | 1.31.17 - Sivan

5 BLOGGING TIPS | 1.31.17

Since Instagram Live became a thing I’ve received endless questions about blogging. It’s clearly a hot topic for many of my readers and I’ve decided to start sharing more in-depth advice on the blog, as sometimes I just can’t properly formulate a coherent sentence for you guys on Live.

Also, the question ‘what is your best blogging advice’ is such a loaded question it’s nearly impossible to answer in just one session. Today I’m going to share some general tips on the topic that I’ve learned after years of experience. Trust me, this did not happen overnight for me, and I certainly have a long way to go.

However, since you guys find me qualified to speak on this (thank you!), I will gladly share my knowledge, as I don’t view fellow bloggers (or aspiring bloggers) as competition, ever. In fact, there is nothing better than sharing information, growing your network, and building relationships. To find out this week’s tips, read on.






-Be consistent. When you dub yourself a blogger or “content creator” you need / should live up to the title. Providing your audience with content–blog posts, Instagram images, Pinterest inspiration, Facebook live, live Tweets, amusing Snaps–is all part of the gig. It’s a 24 / 7 job that requires your creative juices to continually brew and spit out content. all. damn. day. It gets tiring, and you definitely earn a break every now and then, but those break are rare and you have to be accepting of that. If this sounds kinda scary to you, well, it is, but it should also thrill you.

-Provide value. When I first began my blog I honestly wasn’t proving enough value. This is something I’ve learned years later. I plan to do an entire post of ‘then vs. now’ but I want you to start considering this in the meantime. If you’re just repeating what’s been done or find yourself blogging about a topic you don’t have much experience in, people will see through that. Providing actual value is gold.

-Quality over quantity. This might contradict my above tip of being consistent, but this is part of the challenge. If you aren’t producing quality content (that YOU aren’t happy with) don’t put it out there. I hear the word “filler” thrown around when referring to Instagram and I don’t believe in that. I don’t think any singular photo of mine is “filler.” If I posted it, it has a purpose. If I’m not 10000% in love with a photo that means I didn’t try hard enough and I won’t post it. It can get frustrating but the extra effort is always worth it.

-Refine your aesthetic. I think we all go through phases on Instagram. Sometimes we want to be minimalistic (all blacks and whites), sometimes we want to be busy, sometimes we want to be grey scale, sometimes we just have no damn clue, you just want a pretty grid. Welllllll let me just be real here for a sec. Everything has been done. Like, everything. SO, pick something, and stick to it. Shape it to be your own. Put your own spin on it, and eventually it will become YOUR aesthetic and branding.

-Be yourself. Like I just said, everything has been done, so it is most important to be yourself. Because at the end of the day that is the ONE thing you have that others don’t. Your personality is your strongest asset and tool, so use it wisely.

If you have more details questions about any of these tips, feel free to leave a comment below. Otherwise, save them up for my next Instagram Live Blogging Edition, which I will be announcing on my IG Stories this week. I hope you enjoy these weekly tips!