My computer is tripping out–all I see are red squiggly lines everywhere since I’m using a shitload of words that don’t exist (in the dictionary, at least). But if you’ve chosen to read this article, I’m sure you’re very familiar with every single “fake” word in here. Today I’m sharing my 5 thoughts on cross promotion.

Typically when you create strong, authentic and unique content, it will end up being re-posted (or regrammed) on various other accounts. There is serious value in this, as exposure to other accounts’ followers will only benefit you. It’s a funny thing, because sometimes when I least expect it a photo I post will suddenly be regrammed 100’s of times. Sometimes it happens while I’m asleep in a different time zone and I wake up all confused why there is so much activity on my IG. I’ve come to learn that creating regrammable content is key to cross promotion.

I’m just going to dive right into the tips so scroll down to read more.






-What is cross promotion. When 2 influencers decide to share each other’s content, that is a form of cross promotion. Ultimately, you’re benefiting from each other’s following, assuming the same people don’t already follow the other person. Cross promoting with other influencers, whose branding aligns with yours, is a great way to grow your following, engage your followers, and also share different / valuable content.

Create regrammable content. One way to grow as a digital influencer is by getting “regrammed” on different platforms. It happens on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. and can be a very powerful tool. If you click into an account’s “tagged images” tab, you’ll most likely see a grid full of the same images. For me, when a photo gets regrammed it will usually be regrammed a good 20 times, and often 1 or 2 of those regrams will be with a great fashion account. When that happens I’ll gain a good amount of followers, which is just an added bonus to the exposure my content is receiving.

-Be authentic & unique. The more eyes on your content the better, so aim to create unique & authentic content that will capture the attention of other similar accounts. I follow many travel accounts on IG and love how beautiful their photos are–the colors, presentation, composition, quality–but as much as I love their images, I know I can’t just copy them. It’s easy to Pin a bunch of inspo prior to traveling somewhere and go to town recreating, but most likely everyone has seen the “original” so your version won’t generate any buzz. I’ve been straight up called out for copying a photo once and let me tell you it was not a good feeling. There is nothing more gratifying and rewarding than creating your own unique content and having it be liked, regrammed, and copied.

-Enlist an expert. We can’t be experts on everything, so enlist the help of an expert if you want to blog about a topic that you don’t have credibility in. This can be done in form of a collaboration with another influencer, or simply by content sharing. Both ways can result in cross promotion, which is the goal. For example, if you’re a fitness blogger and want to share some easy recipes for healthy post-workout snacks, find a food blogger that aligns with your branding and share their recipes with your followers. The food blogger will most likely want to share this with their following…cross promotion.

-Make your images searchable. Each platform is different, but for instance, on Pinterest you should make sure your images are linked. That way when someone clicks into your image / pin they will be directed to your site. Also consider re-pinnable captions. When posting images on your blog, name the photo before posting using keywords of what’s IN the photo (ie: off-the-shoulder-gingham-top). I’m not an SEO expert by any means, but these little tricks have definitely helped me.