Parker Palm Springs
My favorite little “local” getaway is Palm Springs. For me it’s about a 2-hour drive and I’m basically transported into Instagram heaven. Plus, the constant sunshine is right up my alley (hello, tan!). Since PS is such a small city it’s so easy to get around, and after you’ve seen “everything” you don’t really need to do much aside from chill at one of the many cute hotel pools. That’s one thing to note about my guide, it’s a lot of hotels. Hotel hopping is probably my favorite activity in PS, since 1) they are close to each other  2) they each have a different vibe, and 3) I feel like some of the best food is found in the hotels.

I’ve spent hours sourcing all my imagery from the various locations I’ll be discussing today, but unfortunately I have some holes. However, I’ve linked all the locations so you can browse their site & see for yourself.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys beautiful mid-century modern architecture, lots of cacti & bougainvillea, sipping cocktails by umbrella-lined pools, fun antique shopping, great coffee, delicious food, & not a whole lot else, then a Palm Springs getaway is for you!

The Parker Hotel

Palm Springs hotels

You know it well. Just about every inch of this hotel is iconic & Instagrammable. The ‘DRUGS’ sign in the lobby, the yellow & white umbrellas by the pool, their lemonade stand that serves homemade spiked lemonade, the entrance with the bright orange door and ornate handle…the entire property is beautifully maintained and has a bit of Parisian charm in the garden areas. Also, don’t miss The Heathers-esque croquet set-up on the grounds. If you don’t know what The Heathers (movie) is you’re definitely younger than me 😉 Jonathan Adler designed the entire place so if you’re familiar with his stuff you’ll be captivated by this hotel. It’s definitely on the pricier side, so if you end up staying somewhere else, make sure to come by for a meal.

The Pink Door: 1100 E Sierry Way, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Pink Door Palm Springs
I just made life REALLY easy for you. I had to do lots of research to find this damn door but now it’s programmed into my GPS so anytime I come into town I can head straight to the door without the hassle. Obviously this is self explanatory. The most extra door there ever was! The pink, the height, the knob, the massive agave on either side, the lanterns. I used to feel bad for trespassing on these people’s property, but now I’ve come to accept that they clearly did it on purpose for this exact reason. And if they didn’t, then I still don’t feel bad. With all the exposure this door gets I’m sure the value of this house has increased tremendously!

*Tip: The time of day you take a pic here matters greatly. Half the day it’s super blown-out by the direct sun, which isn’t cute, and then the other half the sun back lights the house, which makes for the perfect time to shoot in front of the door.

Moorten Botanical Gardens

Moorten Botanical Garden

This place is so unique, I highly recommend walking through. They offer guided tours but that’s definitely not my thing. I walked the entire property and admired all the beautiful plants, while also dodging lizards (!!!), and felt like I got the full experience. They sell plants as well, so if you’re in the market for some unique cacti or succulents be sure to stop by on your way out of town.

La Serena Villas

I stumbled upon this little gem during Coachella as I was heading to an event and Paul was scouting where we would shoot my look. He noticed some really cute chairs out front but we weren’t sure what the place actually way. After wandering into the smallish place, we discovered it’s a new boutique hotel! So well decorated with all the best PS meets Euro vibes. The back restaurant / bar is insanely cute, too, with eclectic prints of Frida Kahlo, leather chairs, ornate wallpaper, & tiling. My kinda place. I hope to stay here next time I’m in town.

Korakia Pensione

Korakia Palm Springs
The Korakia Pensione is a little slice of Morocco in Palm Springs. Each room is slightly different, which makes for a nice surprise if you’re staying there, but the grounds and pool area are so stunning! I haven’t stayed here but I hear they don’t have TV or WiFi so this is the perfect spot to decompress & disconnect.

Colony Palms Hotel

Colony Hotel Palm Springs
This hotel is a little more understated but still extremely cute. As we all know, I die for pretty umbrellas and they have these adorable white ones that give me all the Italy feels. What I love about all the hotels I’ve listed so far is the quiet, relaxed vibe. Smooth jazz, fancy cocktails, cute lounge chairs / umbrellas…so me!

More places I love in Palm Springs (but don’t have pictures at):

Workshop Kitchen + Bar. SUCH good food! I love the style of this place–kinda of industrial with a massive communal table and mood lighting. Highly recommend coming by for dinner.

The Saguaro. I love this hotel. I have so many fun memories here. The vibe is definitely a bit younger, but the hotel itself is so colorful and fun it’s hard to not love the place. During the warmer months the pool can turn a bit Vegas-y so I tend to avoid it like the plague, but during the off-season it’s more my speed (grandma-friendly) and a lot cheaper, too.

Elixir Bar. Think: fresh coconuts with a delicious (alcoholic) drink inside. They also serve a great lunch menu. This bar is inside the V Hotel.

Lulus. This place is my fave when I’m hungover or just unsure what I’m in the mood to eat. For starters, it’s like a huge neon diner that serves about 75 pages worth of food. But seriously, the food is all good! You can go for pizza, Chinese, fish, whatever, and it’s good!

Koffi Coffee. I’m obsessed with their iced chai! Typically when in PS I come here for my morning chai and order a fatty breakfast croissant with eggs & cheese. Mmmmm…

-Arrive Hotel. I stayed here once and was blown away by the renovation. They really transformed this place into something super special. Aside from the decor, their food & bar was on point. I thoroughly enjoyed my hot tub session with my complimentary glass on champagne. Oh, they also have a marble ping pong table. Enough said.