VIDEO: Kitchen tour

I finally got the guts to share my kitchen in detail. What was I waiting for? Well, for the first year & a half of living in this house I endured the horrible yellow countertops because we weren’t sure if we were going to stay here long enough to justify doing it and Paul had somehow convinced me that it was fine? SO not fine. Plus, I stopped food blogging entirely because no amount of Photoshop & editing could fix the unflattering yellow tint on the food. I have lots of counter space so there was really no escaping the yellow. Therefore I held off sharing the kitchen.

This year I learned a valuable lesson in home decorating–be patient. I’m notorious for constantly moving my furniture around, revamping little corners of my house, always. I have severe home decor ADD. It’s probably the only area of my life that I’m indecisive about, which causes me to have commitment issues with furniture. Not only is this exhausting–the never-ending journey to finding home decor happiness will never end!–it’s expensive! I purchased so much new furniture and decor when we first moved into the house and sadly my guest room could be converted into a tiny shop with all the things I’m getting rid of. BUT, this time around I’m doing things “right.” I’m taking my time, buying slow, and buying quality.

I’m very resourceful when it comes to buying home decor & furniture on a budget; however, I’m finding that a lot of my purchases were made on impulse, without a lot of thought behind them. While the purchase might be 80% there, the 20% that isn’t is killing me. I have tried very hard to re-purpose my items, but sometimes you just have to start fresh.

In the kitchen I’ve finally hung some blinds. I desperately needed the privacy since my kitchen window faces the street, and the sad window was pretty bare without something. I opted for woven, cordless ones to keep with the simplicity of the house. I also took the plunge and bought a “real” rug. When I say “real” it means I spent $$$ on it. Basically all the rugs I like are vintage (authentic vintage is real expensive), so I either spend a small fortune on a rug or I go the total opposite direction and spend like $200 at Urban Outfitters. Both options have looked good, but the vintage ones are an investment and will age well with the house.

Something I’m staying away from is trendy items when it comes to my house. The style I like is definitely “in” right now, but overall it’s a style that has come full-circle, as it draws from mid-century modern and some rustic elements (almost a little shabby chic). A nice cross between traditional and contemporary. I don’t want to fall into the trap of buying up an entire page out of a West Elm catalog just to give it away to my sisters the following season, you know?

At the moment I’m very content with the kitchen (minus the barstools, they are super annoying because I cheaped out & bought the knockoff & the screws always come undone). I think it’s as minimal / clean it can by while still being functional–meaning I’d love to get rid of the microwave but we need it. The marble is still gaining a new mark each passing day but I do honestly believe that once the entire surface is covered in marks it won’t be quite as noticeable. Sounds weird (I know), but when there’s areas of perfection next to a mark it just looks that much worse!

Would love to know what you think & if there are other areas of my house you want to see next!