Bali Body
When I’m not traveling somewhere tropical, aka I’m not getting a natural tan, I heavily rely on self tanning products. I refuse to step foot into a tanning bed, so during the times when I’m a little too pale for my liking, I have some go-to products. I’ve also learned how to maintain my tan so it lasts as long as possible. You guys know I’m a very seasoned self-tanner so I’m excited to share my video on how I achieve the perfect summer glow (even if you’re stuck in an office this summer & can’t get to the beach for a tan).

I first started using Bali Body products when I was in Greece for my wedding. My girlfriends wouldn’t shut up about this hot new tanning oil that they brought on the trip and so naturally I had to try it. I became obsessed instantly. There is a major difference between a United States tan and a European tan–one being brown, and the latter being very golden. Bali Body’s formula achieves the perfect European tan (even in Malibu), which is all I really want in life.

Between their tanning oils, BB cream, after sun lotion, and bronzing lotion, I really feel like I’ve found the right routine for my skin. I’ve outlined each product & how I use it, as well as a video demonstrating how I apply self tanner.

Bali Body Tanning Oil

Tanning Body Oil & Cacao Tanning Oil: These are my dynamic duo at the beach. I start with some SPF as a base, let that seep in for about 30 minutes, then go in with the gold tanning oil. I will reapply as needed, but I stick to this one for most of the day. Before I leave the beach I use the Cacoa oil since it has a slight tint to it. This seems to top off the tan and sort of “stain” my skin a bit to hold on to the tan.

Luxe Moisturizing Lotion: I use this as my after sun lotion. It’s super moisturizing, which is the key to keeping a tan. Dry skin becomes flaky, which is how you lose your tan. Keeping hydrated will do wonders for your tan as well as keep your skin looking healthy & glowing.

Bronzing Lotion: I pretty much use this all year long–when I’m pale OR tan. In between beach days this kind of saves me since it’s an instantaneous tan, not a gradual one, and when I’m pasty this lotion is a quick fix. The secret to self tanners is applying a liberal amount to your body. Many people get nervous (I was like that at first) when it comes to self tanners and start with a small amount…that is how you will streak. A nice, even application is the way to go. This one is heavy duty so I suggest applying it while naked and let dry completely before dressing (around 10 minutes).

Everyone always asks if it gets on your clothes and here’s the thing; I’ve never used a self tanner that didn’t leave some residue. If you’re wearing something tight (& white), you might see a little on the inside of your seams. I’ve never once has it bleed through my clothes, though. This tanner seems to wash off pretty easily too, which is nice if you accidentally became patchy. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands after you apply!

BB Cream: NEVER tan your face. Hi, wrinkles! My face is like 12 shades paler than my body and I couldn’t care less. I always rely on makeup to give me a bronzy glow, and the first step is the Bali Body BB cream (I use the color Tan). It’s extremely lightweight and gives the right amount of tan with a glowing finish that I have yet to find in any other product. The BB cream is ideal when traveling since you seriously will not need makeup when you’re wearing it. I throw on some bronzer & mascara & call it done!