5 Minute Makeup Challenge with Louise Roe & Sivan Ayla


GUYS! This is one of the most fun videos I’ve ever filmed! Not only is Louise Roe beautiful & competitive (like me), she’s hilarious! Let me start by saying that I don’t know many people who would be able to successfully leave the house READY in under 5 minutes. I decided it would be fun to have Louise join me in this 5 Minute Makeup Challenge (there’s my competitive side coming out!) and make a giveaway out of it!

Our fun little idea took an entirely different turn when our husbands came up with the rules of this challenge. Here’s what they came up with: watch the makeup video, vote / comment who you think did the best makeup in 5 minutes, & the loser will have their husband do their makeup! Don’t worry, this will definitely be going on IG stories!

You’ll notice that Louise manages to squeeze SO many more products than me in this 5 Minute Makeup Challenge (WTH!), but then again she is much more experienced in this department being on TV and all…did I pick an unfair opponent!? Let us know who you think won the challenge in the comments below, we are dying to know!

We are also adding a GIVEAWAY to this challenge. After you vote for one of us, make sure you follow both Sivan Ayla & Louise Roe on YouTube to enter a massive makeup giveaway put together by Louise & I!

This giveaway is now closed.

UPDATE: We have called this 5 Minute Makeup Challenge a tie! We also noticed that we received far too many requests for both of our husbands to do our makeup (rude!). So…with that said, your wish is our command. Paul [Richard] will be doing my makeup & I’ll be sure to cover the entire thing on IG stories so stay tuned!