I always heard that the whole ‘no makeup’ makeup look required the MOST makeup. How though?! I guess if we are talking full coverage for a wedding or photoshoot then, sure, but when it comes to makeup (no matter what I’m doing), I need natural. In my opinion, the best makeup looks begin with your skincare. You need to pay as much attention to your skincare regime as your makeup routine so your natural beauty will shine through. You can stop rolling your eyes at me now, it’s true!

I’ve watched (& read) countless tutorials about how to incorporate face oils into your makeup routine, and honestly, it’s never worked for me. It always wipes the foundation off, or creates a slippery surface that makeup sticks to in clumps. Anyone with me on this? The concept is always great: a glowing, hydrated complexion to apply makeup on. BUT, the reality is always me wiping off all my makeup and starting over.

I have tried countless face oils (& love many many many of them!), but none have really worked with my makeup. Until now. I recently received the La Mer Renewal Oil, and after watching Patrick Ta demonstrate the way to apply it before makeup changed my life. We all know I’m a big fan of dewy, natural makeup looks, and that is exactly what happens with this face oil. Not to mention, their foundation is pretty life-changing, too. Again, I’m not into heavy makeup and this foundation definitely passes my test of looking ultra natural.

Now, let’s chat about the $$$. So yeah, the products would be considered a triple $$$ since they are on the pricier side. But I’ve mentioned this over and over, I will pay top dollar for GOOD products that go on my face. What I love about La Mer is the way they bridge the gap between skincare and makeup. Not many cosmetic lines do that. The transition isn’t quite as seamless, and La Mer has managed to perfect it. For someone like me who values skincare, wearing makeup that meets the same standard as my skincare products is just as important. If you’re in the market for next-level kind of face oil, cream, foundation, or powders I recommend trying La Mer.

My Favorite La Mer products:

–La Mer Renewal Oil:

 -La Mer Foundation (Beige 32):

-La Mer The Powder: 

-La Mer Foundation Brush:

-La Mer Powder Brush: