IT’S HERE! I’ve been beyond excited to share this fun collaboration! Let’s start at the beginning. NCLA was my first account when I was working in wholesale. They were new on the scene but our office could tell they were headed somewhere big. The owner Elin knew her shit and wasn’t going to let anything (or anyone) stand in her way. Fast-forward to today and NCLA remains one of my favorite beauty brands–between their branding, collaborations, all-natural approach, and of course, the colors, I love everything about them.

Earlier this year I started making goals for myself. Near future goals, 3-5 year goals, and long-term goals. Within the 3-5 year goals list I had written down “product collaboration” and scribbled some products I’d like to release. As soon as I jotted down “nail polish” the ideas started flowing instantly. While Paul and I were in Bora Bora I opened up a blank document on my phone and within 15 minutes I had an entire plan. The colors, the names, the branding, and of course, the who I wanted to collaborate with. NCLA was a no-brainer for me. They are based in Los Angeles, and as I mentioned above, they fucking kill it! Some of their most recent collaboration are with Beyonce, Hello Kitty, & Disney, to casually name a few. Yeah…

I was 100000% not expecting them to go for my little elevator pitch after I called her one day to “run the idea” by them. However, I hung up elated and with a meeting to come into their headquarters the following week. DEAD! The following weeks and months involved color selection (tweaking them until perfect), designing packaging, planning the launch party, and lastly, shooting images for this collaboration. Each step of the way was so incredibly rewarding and fun! The more the products came to life the more I couldn’t sleep due to the excitement. So, needless to say I am VERY excited to be writing this post and to finally be able to share the entire concept with you guys.

I went with 5 core colors that I wear year-round, after realizing that I answer the question “what nail color are you wearing” a good 300 times a day on Instagram. So in a way, you guys really inspired and helped me with this process–I took notes on the colors you guys seemed to like and I made them my own. I also took into account the things that I value in a nail polish: 5-free (of bad ingredients), cruelty free, vegan, 2-coats only, flat colors. Below I’ve listed the 5 colors and the inspiration behind each one.

&& sidenote, when you buy all 5 colors, it will come in THE cutest packaging….EVER! A donut box! I love that part.


Donut Glaze. I’m obsessed with white polish. It’s super chic, crisp, and kind of unexpected. Since I’m an avid donut lover, the name popped into my head instantly while thinking about things I like that look like white nail polish.

Rosé For Breakfast. Obviously, we all know rosé is my jam. This color is the perfect soft pink that makes you look like you really have your shit together. Trust me.

Tan Lines. I can’t live without a tan or a good sandy nail color. This one is almost skin-colored, so if you’re looking for something very neutral you’ll love this creamy polish.

Valley Girl. Duh. Had to name one of them something that just embodies me. A pink-y, peachy, nude-y color that kind of just goes with anything. This is my go-to color for any tropical vacation or when I need to add a hint of color to a basic outfit.

Capri Sunset. My favorite place on Earth is Capri. And somehow Paul has converted me into a sunset lover, so there you go! A mauve-y color that you don’t see too often, but incredibly beautiful.

Just wanted to quickly say thank you to NCLA for agreeing to collaborate with me! I am so happy my very first product collaboration was with such a creative and fun group of people that allowed me to bring my vision to life! AND, thank you to everyone who has expressed such excitement towards this collaboration. It means the world to me that you guys are as excited as I am & I hope to see many of you tomorrow at our launch party!

To shop this collaboration click here! Thank you to anyone who purchases ANY product!