My goal year-round is to have glowing & hydrated looking skin. I think it looks super healthy, which ultimately results in the best makeup application. I love that I get so many questions about my skin because it kind of lets me know I’m doing something right 🙂 Since my skincare routine can get pretty complicated, I decided I should simplify the process of achieving a glow in 3 easy steps.

1) Hydration – start off with a fresh face and use a thick coast of the Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen cream to prep your face. This will seep in and do it’s job throughout the day. Wait a couple minutes before moving on to Step 2 to fully allow the cream to absorb.

2) Foundation – I always go a shade darker than my natural skin tone so I look tan. This Josie Maran Argan Butter foudnation is super soft and smooth so you can decide how much coverage you want. I like to keep it natural-looking so I opted for one thin layer.

3) Highlighter – My favorite part of doing my makeup is highlighter. It takes everything from flat to fab! It’s such a subtle touch that makes a big difference. I’ve been using the Laura Geller Gilded Honey highlighter for years but this set has cool & warm tones so you can switch it up.

If you’re pressed for time, this would be my go-to look (plus some mascara). I’m always a fan of keeping things simple & easy so you’re not spending hours getting ready in the morning. It probably goes back to my vacation mentality, you want to do the bare minimum that will give you maximum results. You know, the lazy girl mentality 😉

What are your go-to products for good looking skin?