Full Body Microdermabrasion
You guys should know that sometimes I try things purely for the experience. There is so much new technology in skincare that I could literally spend all 7 days of the week getting treatments, but I am very selective about the things I’m willing to do. Certain treatments scare me a little and I want to make sure the person doing the treatment is 100% experienced and knowledgeable. Since I am turning 30 (this weekend!) I’ve been a little more proactive about prevention and taking care of myself.

I put a lot of emphasis on my face skincare–regular facials, at-home masks, a 15-step regiment, you know, the works. But my poor body gets abused–pounds of self-tanner, shaving, shimmers, lotions, perfumes, sun damage…the worst! It really is time to start paying more attention to my body skin as well.

Microdermabrasion is a term that I’ve always been familiar with but never really knew what it meant. I was pretty nervous when I signed up for a full body microdermabrasion at Joanna Vargas since I always thought it was the treatment Samantha got in Sex and the City when she looked like an inside-out corpse at Carrie’s book launch party (eeek!). I’ve been informed that was a chemical peel, NOT microdermabrasion. Phew.

Here’s what it actually does: Using a diamond-tipped wand, it removes impurities and rough, dull, & dead skin to reveal smoother, softer, and more radiant skin. With regular treatments you will see reduced signs of wrinkles, too. The process also stimulates blood flow, which improves circulation and increases collagen production. As we know, collagen deteriorates as you get older so this is a great anti-aging treatment.

How it felt: AMAZING! Let me paint the picture for you. The Joanna Vargas Spa is tucked away in West Hollywood in a quiet neighborhood. When you enter there is a cozy sitting area with a fireplace going and yummy, soothing candles. Before I even started my treatment I felt relaxed. Once in the treatment room, I put on a robe and laid face up on the table. My technician (I saw Asia, love her) then explained the wand would feel like a cat’s tongue scraping my body. Had zero clue what that would feel like but sounded nice enough. Once she started I was in heaven…SO relaxing.

After doing the full body microdermabrasion on my entire body, she used hot towels to remove any excess dead skin, followed by a deep rub using an organic pumpkin cream that smelled amazing. I was sad when it was over, seriously.

Following my treatment, my skin felt like a brand new baby. Soft, exfoliated, & renewed. I asked Asia if she got a lot off of me and she showed me the abnormal amount of dead skin from all the self-tanner, sun, and other products I use regularly. If you’re like me, I highly recommend trying this treatment at Joanna Vargas. If you’re not quite ready for microderbrasion, you can always start with their Miracle Bar, which is an at-home remedy to exfoliating dead skin and impurities in the shower. I’m already looking forward to my next appointment.

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