Since I work primarily from home (in my pajamas) my mind doesn’t typically go in the direction of “work appropriate” looks, but I do have to attend Paul’s office holiday party so I truly should. Since I received quite a few requests for office party outfit ideas I thought I’d share my go-to look along with some other items I think would be perfect.

It kind of all depends on the culture of your office and where the party is held. If you work in a smaller office and are friendly with everyone I feel like you have a little more flexibility. However, despite your position I think it’s really important to keep things appropriate and professional. Also, the venue will dictate the attire (obviously). If you’re attending a cocktail party or dinner the look should be different than if it’s something more interactive like an office cooking class or bowling.

I can see how this can be a struggle. You see these people everyday, you feel comfortable around them, you want to look cuter than your average Monday – Friday outfit, but don’t want to offend anyone. In these types of situations I prefer to play it safe–don’t show too much skin, if the attire is unclear you’re better off being overdressed than under-dressed, and be comfortable. If your outfit requires tape or has some complicated element to it, skip it. You need to be able to work the room without yanking up your dress all night. Also, it goes without saying, don’t drink too much! There’s nothing worse than making a total fool of yourself at the office holiday party…just not worth it.