I recently had the amazing team from The Ouai over to teach me how to achieve the perfect, sleek blowout. I’ve been a long-time fan of the brand but wasn’t entirely sure how to use some of the products (specifically, the mousse). I’ve also found that I run into a slew of issues when it comes to blowing out my hair–my arm gets tired, my hair gets tangled, the back is still wet, my hair gets caught in the blow dryer, it’s frizzy, etc.

THANKFULLY, many of these issues can be solved with the help of some product, technique, and of course the right tools. The video explains it all, but of course I like to overshare and break it down even further on the blog in case you’re like me and need a play-by-play 🙂

How To Achieve A Sleek Blow Out:

1. Wash your hair. Allow it to air dry 75% of the way.

2. Pump a little soft mousse into the palm of your hand and apply throughout the damn roots. If your ends feel dry, you can use a little oil on them.

3. Separate your air into sections: lower, middle, top, front.

4. Using a round brush, curl your hands under as you apply hot heat from the blow dryer. Repeat this on all sections of your hair, except the front.

5. For the front, grab the hair and blow upwards and back. The video is a lot clearer for this part.

6. Switch the blow dyer to cool setting to set your hair.

7. Add oil to your ends. I personally love The Ouai oil since it smells like gardenia.


* I love the Dyson blow dryer because it’s 1) lightweight 2) powerful 3) doesn’t have that suction thing that my hair gets caught in.

* Use Ouai Memory Mist to make your blow out last.

* The more you curl your brush under, the healthier and bouncier your hair will look.

FYI, this is NOT sponsored. Might seem like it since there’s tons of Ouai products mentioned, but honestly, it’s not! I just truly love their products!