Bali Body Glow

Even in the dead of winter I still strive to have somewhat of a tan and glow. You know that meme that says “I’m a much better person when I’m tan” well, that’s me 10000%. Thankfully living in California allows me to hit the beach somewhat frequently during the winter, but the sun just isn’t the same. Winter sun doesn’t really tan me so I heavily depend on my self tanner, especially on a Saturday night when I want to look glowy for the hubs.

For an added glow, I’m loving the new shimmering body oil. It has a hint of tan to it so it essentially deepens your tan while also giving a really nice shimmer to your skin. I find it incredibly sexy, especially on your chest area, so I’m really into using it when I wear something with a low V neckline. A lot of body oils leave your skin kind of sticky but this one dries fast so there isn’t any of that extra residue.

My secret to a lasting tan is always hydration. Keeping your skin exfoliated and moisturized is the best way to hold on to your tan (real or fake). The Bali Body bronzing lotion is an instantaneous self tanner, but to really make it last I use extra moisturizer. I get a lot of questions about that product, specifically if it gets on my clothing and sheets, and the answer is…sometimes. It really depends on the situation, but the best way to use it is by evenly coating yourself fully naked. Allow it to dry for a good 10-15 minutes and then get dressed. Avoid water splashing on your skin for the first couple hours and if possible wear something loose fitting. By the second day your skin should have absorbed the product so tight jeans shouldn’t be an issue. As for my sheets, I’ve never seen any tanner in my bed, and I have pure white bedding.

Bali Body offers a ton of bundle options, so if you’re interested in this trio, I recommend buying the Glow Bundle.