My office has become an extension of my closet, as you can see in this video. On one hand it’s super annoying to have your stuff spread out, but on the other, I don’t mind displaying some of my pretty things, either. It’s taken me until this very moment to really get my office functional since I was always so concerned about things looking good. But now I feel like I’ve merged the two in a way that makes me happy. I’m leaning towards filming an updates office tour, thoughts??

Now onto the handbags. Let me just start by saying that it has taken me years to acquire these bags. My justification: I don’t really buy expensive clothing or shoes so every once in a while I splurge on myself with a nice bag. Nice bags really make my outfits since for the most part I wear jeans and t-shirts every day. I feel it elevates the look into something more polished, rather than looking shlumpy or too casual.

I started my collection with a red Balenciaga, which even though the red is bright AF, I still consider it a neutral. However, at the time I had ONE shot at an expensive bag and I wanted it to be something special, not just a basic black bag. Since then I’ve been much more strategic about my bag purchases. I always think about it’s purpose and what role it plays in my wardrobe. The thought process goes something like this: do I already have a bag this color? shape? size? material? brand? The last part (brand) became part of the equation after realizing that I was starting to buy a lot of Gucci. But they just kept releasing THE CUTEST bags!

Let me break down my collection so you can see how I’ve planned out all my bags:

Red Balenciaga City Bag– a fun pop of color in a bag that can work for everyday use.

Black Balenciaga Papier – neutral, small, everyday bag that can be worn cross body.

Nude Givenchy Pandora – cross body, “casual,” beautiful color that can pass as a neutral.

Black Gucci Dionysus– fancy bag for NYFW, blogger events, nights out.

White Gucci GG Marmont– perfect little bag for summer. Can be dressed up or down.

Black Gucci Belt Bag– statement accessory. Great for travel, flea market, shopping trips.

Black YSL Wallet on Chain– small evening bag in a neutral color that goes with anything.

Cognac Chloe Faye Backpack– brown bag, casual but cute enough to elevate outfits.

What do you think? Does my “strategy” and planning make sense to you? Which bag are you guys lusting over right now? I’m kind of feeling like I need something a little bigger for my laptop on days I don’t work at home. Suggestions?