Weeky & Month Grocery Lists to help you map out meals


You guys love a grocery haul (surprisingly), so I thought I’d map out my weekly and monthly grocery list in case you’ve missed my Live sessions. I stick to a very straight forward list. I pretty much have memorized the weekly list since it’s just the essentials we need each week, but I do usually create a list based on our weekly dinner menus. Would you want a post on how I map that out? Depending on what we are eating that week, I’ll fill in the list with ingredients. I’m sure by now you’ve realized I keep my dinners simple and typically using ingredients that I already have on hand. I’m big on using things until they are all gone. Sometimes that requires me to improvise dinner, but it usually ends up pretty tasty.

Before you scroll down to see the lists, I wanted you to know that there are a couple things on my list that are probably a little silly. Silly because they are WAY over-priced and unnecessary, but necessary because I’m busy and realize if I don’t buy these things I most likely will not eat. Lunch is a serious struggle for me because it happens right in the middle of my work flow. I’m usually in the zone, getting shit done, and then boom, my hunger kicks in. I really can’t focus or work when I’m hungry [hangry] so I need food quick. I can say with absolute conviction that I strongly dislike preparing myself lunch. I’m just not in the mood. Instead, I either Postmates a fresh salad, or I rely on my pre-made salads from Whole Foods. Right after my lunch salad, I usually like a fresh fruit snack, which is when I eat my pre-cut fruit. Again, super over-priced but again, I’m not stopping my work flow to go chop a pineapple or watermelon (obviously having that with Tajin).