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Lux Unfiltered

WELCOME to the new! It’s been a very long process and took a lot of moral support to make the change, but now as I look through my site I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I’ve been writing this blog since 2011-ish and the look of my site has remained the same since Day One. Part of the struggle was finding someone who understood me and my brand–Anelise Salvo of ASDC is a genius!–which brought on a whole new set of questions. What is my brand?! & How am I going to convey it? Sure, I’m straight-forward, transparent, easy going, and like to find the most aesthetically pleasing way to do just about everything but what does that mean to you guys reading? Cue, my new slogan.

Lux Unfiltered

Kind of sounds like a cool font, huh? But nope, Lux Unfiltered is the name of my brand. As you know, I’m all about attainable & realistic luxury in every aspect of my life. My goal is to make everyday tasks / responsibilities / obligations FUN. Things like cooking dinner, organizing your house, planning a game night, getting dressed, your beauty routine, etc. Of course, you can’t just throw wine at every situation (to make it fun), so I like to find the luxury in any of these situations. With an unfiltered voice you’ll get the truth! No fake, staged bullsh*t. Just the real honest approach in case you wanted to follow suit.

So essentially nothing has changed! I just finally figured out a way to embody who I am and what I represent in a 2-word slogan that sounds cool and gets the point across. AND I have a brand new beautiful website that I’m so proud of. Aside from desperately needing a makeover, I wanted my new site to have easy navigation and call outs that make finding content simple. Since I have years of blog posts, and a lot of you are new to following me, I wanted to showcase some of my most popular posts, topics, and videos. There’s lots to see so I hope you take a few minutes to look through and get acquainted with the new layout.

With all of this said, if you’re new to my blog, I hope you like what I represent and stand for. If you’re already a loyal reader, thank you & welcome back!

I would absolutely LOVE to hear your feedback on the new site & slogan. Your opinions mean everything to me so leave me a comment down below letting me know what you think!

XO, Sivan