Sivan Ayla Home Office Tour

Updated Office Tour

Well hello there! It’s only taken about 6 months for me to officially share the new office revamp. Truthfully, it’s still not “done,” but I couldn’t hold off sharing any longer. You’ve probably glanced the changes on my IG Stories, and probably also noticed that the evolution took many different directions before settling on this look. It started out very girly–Jonathan Adler-inspired, colorful, vibrant, modern, Pinterest-y (here’s the old office if you want to see it again). It was fun for about a month before I realized that the look just wasn’t timeless enough. My home decor style changes practically daily, so I really have to work hard to stop myself from starting over when I get the urge.

Let’s be real for a second. This style might get old to me eventually, but so far I haven’t rolled my eyes at the sight of anything so I think we are off to a good start. I started doing this thing where I really take my time with decorating. The room might look bare and I might desperately want to just hop online and order a bunch of stuff but I have to resist. Styling WISELY is the key here. You have to really think through each purchase and addition to your space. Often times I bring things home, try them out, and end up returning. I just have to really love it.

Something I’m keeping in mind moving forward with decor in general is not looking too cheap. You’d think that’s an obvious one, but honestly, at one point my house started looking like a compilation of cheap stores. Don’t get me wrong, I love Target, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, etc., but they have a tendency to sell those gold tchachki items that quite frankly look cheap, and my house was FULL of them. I slowly started giving certain items away and only keeping a handful that were needed to elevate a shelf or stack of books. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, I may need to explain over video. Anyway, here is my updated home office. I went for a more natural, California casual, boho vibe with accents like my vintage rug, wood ladder, and giant Joshua Tree print. My dad built me some beautiful semi-floating shelves for my shoes, and we kept my Ikea shelving unit nice and simple for all of my blogger gifting.

You can probably see that I’m trying to keep it pretty simple. I’ve never been a fan of clutter, so my goal is to only house the things that are a necessity in the office since there are lots of those. Decor doesn’t really have a place in my office at the moment (my office is pretty small right now), so I had to get creative about the stuff that DID need to be in the office.