My New House Design & Decor Inspiration Images

New House Inspiration

Hi, guys! Really sorry for being MIA on the blog last week. I actually feel guilty when I don’t post, but I’m hoping you’ll forgive me, as we were moving (& I still have 2 more loads today) [insert screaming crying emoji]. The move has been…..well, not too bad, but not fun by any means. To quickly recap you, the painters are working as quickly as possible to get the interior of the house done so we can actually move in. HOWEVER, escrow on our current / old house closes on Thursday so we had to get the house emptied and cleaned out for the final walk through (today). Meaning: without the new house being ready we had to bring everything over, stick it ALL in the garage, pack a bag to stay at my in-laws’ house for the week, AND I have to find a way to be productive. First world problems, I get it, but it’s rough! I don’t have my space, my daily music, the ability to hop on the treadmill, eat my healthy snacks, you know how it goes. We like our shit and when that’s not an option you start to realllllly appreciate it & miss it.

This week I have a few more construction appointments at the new house (fireplace, wood floors, AC people), and I have to make sure the old house is 100% ready for the new owners to move in. I was wondering if you guys would be interested in a post about etiquette on moving out (ie: things you should & shouldn’t do or leave in the house)? Basically we had a shitty experience recently so I thought I’d turn it into an informative blog post, if anyone was interested. The move aside, I have some events I’m hosting and attending, some looks to shoot, and well, a BLOG to run!

I shared some of my decor and design inspiration on my IG stories (in my Highlights currently) over the weekend but thought I’d go into a little more detail on the blog. As you will see in these images (all borrowed from Pinterest, btw), I’m going in a different direction for the new house. I want something a little more timeless, and dare I say it, traditional. Now I don’t mean traditional in the way I usually think of when I say the term (ornate crown molding, dark woods, lazy-boy chairs LOL), I just mean furniture that’s less trendy and more classic. I’ll point things out to you as they arrive, but just know that we are pretty much starting from scratch so it’s going to take a while to get things furnished.

Sitting Room

This is my vibe for the fireplace living room. Bright, white, airy, and comfortable. I recently purchased a new white rug from the flea market so now I’m looking for a light sectional and coffee table to complete the space (for the most part). The decor part is easy–mirror, lamps, coffee table books, candles, plants, etc.

TV Room

The room we designated for the TV started out super dingy and dark. There was gross carpet, shitty paneling, and dark walls. Literally everything I dislike in a space. So, the carpet got ripped out as well as the wall paneling and we dry walled the space to be smooth and clean. The painters are going to blast the whole space with white so it will brighten the area drastically. We are also continuing the wood floors into this room since Paul & I both can’t stand carpet. My inspiration is this image with nice built-ins and purposeful decor. It’s so easy to get carried away with the tchatchkis (I definitely did at my last house) and things start to look like an aisle in Target. And not to talk shit on Target, trust me, I LOVE Target, but you get what I mean (right?). Too much brass and trinkets can look cheap. I’m going to take a more minimal route with the built-ins and keep the furniture neutral.


Master Bathroom

These two images don’t necessarily go together, but my vibe is luxury. I want the bathroom to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. I have WAY too many beauty products so I want the storage to be abundant. I want us to feel fabulous anytime we take a shower or bath, since it’s something we do daily (obviously). I haven’t fully decided on the tile and vanity quite yet but I’m starting to get ideas.

Master Bedroom

I don’t want to use the term master suite incorrectly, but I think we kind of have one? Our bathroom, closet, and bedroom are all off to one side and feel very secluded and private. There are French doors leading to the backyard off our bedroom, which I love, so it really feels like a little oasis. I’m sure you can see a reoccurring theme throughout the house, I want things to be bright, open, & airy. The master has beams (which I’ve been told is bad feng shui, but what can I do? nothing), and the windows let in a lot of light so I plan to use some sheer curtains and shades. Paul & I enjoy waking up to sunshine in the room, we aren’t really black-out shades people. They kind of throw off my internal clock and make me feel like sleeping for days. My bed frame (from Restoration Hardware) has been ordered and it looks very similar to the above image, and I plan to bring in one of my vintage rugs, sofa, and plants into the room.



As I said above, part of the backyard is off the master bedroom so I want to add a really pretty tile. In that part of the yard, there will be a long dining table and twinkle lights. On the other side of the yard where the pool is, I plan to put in a nice firepit with seating and hopefully some lounge chairs and a cabana. BTW, can we talk about just how damn excited I am about the POOL?! I have one thing to say to anyone considering living in The Valley. You NEED a pool. Period.

Laundry Room

Not gonna lie, I’m basically going to copy this whole concept. The space I’m working with is just like this one so it makes total sense for me to have a little counter space for folding, and some shelving above the washer & dryer. I’ll most likely either add doors to the cabinets or use baskets since cleaning supplies aren’t always the cutest. Simple & easy.


The image is above (in case you missed it), but I’m verrrrrrry excited about the kitchen. There’s no other way to say it, but the kitchen was a mess. So much random wood paneling (on the island, back-splash, the hood, the barn door), and the cabinets are blue. I’ve seen good kitchens with blue cabinets but it’s just not my vibe. We’ve already dry-walled and the paint is happening, so next up are the cabinets. I’ve received some DM’s telling me not to make the kitchen too “cookie cutter” and all white but honestly, I just don’t see myself liking something else long term. I loved the idea of black cabinets but I just feel like over time I will get sick of them. PLUS, I currently have marble and wood countertops so I need to stick with white until I can change those out.

Overall, what do you guys think? Are you into my inspiration images? Things might change as I actually start furnishing the house but these are my initial thoughts that really stood out to me. I’m SUPER excited to get started on this house and hope you guys are enjoying the snaps and posts along the way. Let me know your thoughts and if you would want to see videos on the before and after process!

All images borrowed from Pinterest.