QVC Red Carpet Beauty Trends

Red Carpet Beauty Trends with QVC

QVC beauty trends

I’ve been compensated by QVC for my participation in the Red Carpet Beauty Show & this blog post. As always, all opinions are my own.

A few days ago you may have seen me on the QVC channel. No big deal, it was just LIVE television!!! They had me on as a beauty expert to discuss beauty trends seen on the red carpet at the Academy Awards this past weekend. Alongside QVC’s resident social correspondent Sloane Glass, we chatted all about statement nails, loose waves, big sexy hair, that golden glow, and of course, the perfect winged eyeliner. While we discussed each trend, there was a live QVC show happening directly across from us, selling the products to help you achieve the same looks at home. Quite genius, if you ask me.

I was pretty blown away by the production. Not only does it all happen live (I really can’t get over that concept), everyone is just so eloquent on the channel. It takes such a skill to do what they do on the daily, to say I’m impressed would be a serious understatement. I was pretty nervous at the beginning, but as we got further into the show I had an absolute blast chatting all things beauty.

To recap, below are the trends we discussed along with the the products you can use to get the look.


Statement Nails – it’s bold and unexpected & we love it! Black nail polish wasn’t always seen on the red carpet, but this year we saw women of all ages rocking it. I especially love this trend since it’s attainable for just about anyone. Julep has the perfect dark shades if you’re trying to get the look.

Loose Waves – an iconic Hollywood hairstyle that we all love to see on the red carpet. There is something so glamorous about the look that each year I look forward to seeing who will wear the classic hairstyle.

Big Sexy Hair – I’m obviously a fan of this look, but I especially love seeing it on the red carpet because it’s so effortless. The Academy Awards are so fancy that it’s nice to see the hair a bit more understated. DryBar has all the tools to get that big sexy hair.

Golden Glow – another red carpet trend that speaks to me! In my opinion, as long as you have a healthy glow the makeup can remain minimal. A good tan just pulls the whole look together, and Vita Liberata makes some of the best tanning products that look natural and are easy to use.

Winged Eyeliner – perfecting that cat-eye is an achievement in itself, and I can only imagine the confidence boost it gives the stars on the red carpet. You can go big, or you can do something more understated and the effect is the same. Timeless & classic.

If you missed the show & want to see Sloane & I discussing the red carpet trends, you can watch it below.