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Natural Products I Use + Love

Over the last few years I’ve slowly transitioned a lot of my everyday products to natural ones. As I get older and become more aware of the contents of what I consume and use, I’m trying to use as many all-natural products as possible. Sometimes it’s an easy switch, but other times, not so much. Case in point? Deodorant. I had every intention of switching to all-natural until I started to suddenly develop B-O (body odor)?? I go into more detail below, but know that if you’re considering making the switch 1) good for you, and 2) it’s not always the smoothest of changes. However, I 100% find it worth it. Read on for my product breakdown below and things you need to watch out / be aware of.

Toothpaste: I was used to mouthful of mint overload that would whiten the shit out of my teeth. Of course, after learning that we consume about 1/2 a pound of toothpaste each year I suddenly didn’t feel like I should be using my usual brand. I started using Tom’s, and white the mint flavor is very mild, it was a fairly easy switch. After a few weeks of using the toothpaste I started developing a weird pain in my lower gum. My dentist told me that a lot of all-natural toothpastes dry out the teeth, which makes your teeth more susceptible to cavities. While I didn’t get a cavity from the switch, I now do a fluoride treatment when I get my teeth cleaned.

Oh, I accidentally bought the Fennel flavor recently and while Paul was so bothered by it, I kind of like the black licorice taste.

Mouthwash: Just like toothpaste, it goes in your mouth. I think it goes without saying that anything going near or IN my mouth should be as close to all-natural as possible. We tried the Oral Essentials brand and are happy with it.

Deodorant: Okay, so the first week of using this was rough. I developed B-O! WTH?! I never had that issue before? I almost gave up and switched back but something inside me urged me to keep trying. Thankfully I did because eventually the deodorant started doing its job and now I can’t ever imagine myself using anything else. The LaVanilla brand has an array of scents but I’m loyal to the lavender one.

Sidenote: there are studies that show non-natural deodorants’ correlation to breast cancer from the use of plastic in their product. Major reason for us women to make the switch!

Lipstick: While I might not entirely use all-natural makeup, I’m slowly incorporating more of it into my routine. Lawless was started by one of my closest friends (Annie Lawless) and she has opened my eyes to natural makeup. Her line of liquid lipsticks are matte, hydrating, pigmented, buildable, and just straight up chic! My favorite color remains George because it’s the perfect shade for my skintone–pink / brown that stands out and makes my lips look big.

The statistics behind how much lipstick we consume will also make you gag (and want to switch to all-natural stat!).

Hand Sanitizer: I’m weird about sanitizer. I feel like it’s just a layer covering the germs, rather than actually cleansing them. I mean, you’re just rubbing your hands and product together so where exactly can the germs go?? I might be totally wrong but I’ve never found it to be an effective way of keeping my hands clean. HOWEVER, there are things like Coachella, public restrooms, gas stations, etc. that require me to use hand sanitizer. Since I’m a big Dr. Bronner’s fan it was a no-brainer for me to try his sanitizer and of course I love the lavender spray. I keep them in my car, gym bag, purse, etc.

Body Wash: I was raised on the Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap so I guess it was a natural [no pun intended] instinct to use it in my adult life. I used to buy it at Trader Joe’s because it was the cheapest there, but now if you bring your 20% off coupon to Bed Bath & Beyond it’s cheapest that way. I introduced Paul to this body wash and now he / we can’t live without it. In fact, Paul uses it as shampoo, too. It has many uses, you just have to dilute. The thought of using anything else really just doesn’t cut it for us anymore.

Hey Dr. Bronner’s, maybe make a travel sized peppermint soap? I can’t with hotel body wash…

Cleaning Products: My mom always used Melaleuca products in our house so I guess this one was passed down to me, too. Since all the products are tea-tree based they smell nice and don’t have all the bad chemicals. With my dogs walking around and the entire house getting cleaned with products it was a priority for me to use all-natural cleaning products. I love the entire line and use it for everything–glass, tub / tile, all purpose, floors, etc.

Laundry Detergent: This one is a recent change for me and I’ve been told that Seventh Generation isn’t 100% natural. I think I’m moving in the right direction with this, but it might take some trial and error before I find a true natural product that works for me. I’ve heard that true natural detergents don’t clean very well, so that kind of deters me a little. If anyone knows any good all-natural laundry detergents please let me know!

Dish Soap: Why not, right? Doesn’t really affect or change anything for me and I actually like the lavender scent while I wash dishes. If you haven’t caught on yet, I like lavender. I’m happy with the Seventh Generation soap. It smells good, feel pretty good on my skin, and also cuts grease.

Are there any all-natural products you guys have switched to that you love? Would love to introduce more into my everyday life. Let me know in the comments!