Coachella Outfit Inspiration - Sivan

Coachella Outfit Inspiration

You asked for it so here it is! I collaborated with my assistant Kenzie Burke, who has impeccable style, to pinpoint past Coachella looks I love & are realistic. Festival season can be so overwhelming and quite frankly, over the top. There is so much pressure to show up in something show-stopping and honestly I’m just not about that. I prefer cute but ultimately comfortable and attainable. Sure, I’ve drooled over Rihanna, Gigi, & Bella’s looks but I mean, that’s obviously not going to happen. If you’re attending any festival this spring / summer, I’ve located some good pieces that will either elevate your looks or simply add a fun twist to your casual look. Stay tuned for a post about my festival essentials, too, because there is NOTHING worse than a dead iPhone as you’re trying to call an Uber….I will share that story in next week’s post.

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Outfit Inspiration Credit:
Ella Mcfadin, Kelsey White, Sofie Elkus, Gina Ybarra, Lisa-Marie Mewes, Edith Broad, Josefine H.J & Rocky Barnes.