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Dior Capture Youth at Bloomingdales

I’m not even slightly kidding when I say a big part of why we moved is because I needed more space for my beauty products. Skincare & makeup are a huge part of my daily life and business so it’s not even slightly unreasonable (in my honest opinion) to me. I love trying new products but there’s a special place in my heart for luxury products. As I get older I appreciate each dollar spent on skincare and always want to make sure it’s being spent wisely. Skincare products aren’t cheap (as I’m sure we all know), but I place a high priority on quality. My standards have become high over the years of trying countless products, so you should know that if a products lands on the blog / Instagram / YouTube, you know it’s good AND I liked it.

After a recent trip to Bloomingdales I was introduced to Dior Beauty products. I was immediately intrigued, as the collection I was looking at is called Capture Youth. Yessssssss! PLEASE capture that youth of mine before it slips away!!! The serums range from plump filler, glow booster, matte maximer, lift sculptor, & redness soother, which all help with skin issues such as dryness, dullness, oily skin, lack of firmness, & redness. The creme is targeted to help with anti-aging, hence the name age-delay advanced creme. The combination of the Glow Booster serum & the creme together leave your skin feeling very well hydrated and resilient. I also want to add that these products together still felt very gentle on my skin. Sometimes rich products can be a bit heavy but I loved the way my skin looked and felt right after I applied the serum and creme.

If you’re looking to incorporate some higher-end products into your skincare routine I would suggest dropping by Bloomies to check out the Capture Youth collection by Dior Beauty. They have all the products on display so you can sample the feel of each one before committing to it. If the thought is a little daunting just get an expert to help you, but I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with how great your skin feels after using these products.

This post is in collaboration with Bloomingdales. As always, all opinion are my own.