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Instagrammable Spots in NYC

I recently went to NYC with my mom and sister for a little 5-day trip and we had an absolute blast. I don’t typically go to NYC for “fun,” there’s usually some sort of work tied to it, but this time it was purely for pleasure and I finally had an opportunity to hit up all the cute Instagrammable spots I’ve been dying to see IRL. The weather was super unpredictable and strange. We had a little of everything–sunshine, rain, & snow. Even though it was only in the 50’s I was pretty bundled (for me). If you didn’t catch my tantrum on Stories, let me recap: I HATE being bundled. I get super claustrophobic and uncomfortable if I can move my limbs freely. With that said, I can really only handle a thin sweater and a jacket. Anything else makes me cry, literally. So while I wasn’t the warmest on this trip, I chose my neurotic comfort over warmth. Below is my list of spots I visited while NYC, including some tips I learned along the way.



Instagrammable Places in NYC:

Pietro Nolita. We didn’t actually eat here since it was jammed, but we got a coffee to go. They told us they don’t do to-go so I just sat at the bar and ordered a coffee (and the bartender asked if I wanted it in a to-go cup?). the exterior is extremely cute and pink so I just had to snap pics & obviously steal that Pink AF cup for some more pics later.

-Cha Cha Matcha. Third time’s the charm, right? It took us 3 solid attempts to actually make it inside and order. The place is just popping with people at all times. Lital & I ended up getting in on Monday morning around 10:30AM. Unfortunately I didn’t love the matcha or chai but the spot is really cute….

-While We Were Young. OMG. I love this place. Again, insanely TINY but so adorable. They made every last detail and corner of the place IG-worthy. Since it was packed (shocker) we just sat at the bar and ordered some cute cocktails (mockatail for me, obvs). The presentation is just to-die for there! I highly recommend it.

-La Mercerie. Very charming French restaurant in Soho. There’s a whole home decor shop in the back, which is where we killed time while waiting for a table. I’m telling you, all the cute places are PACKED! The food was good. I’m not the biggest fan of French food but I found items on the menu that spoke to me, so overall I liked it.

Barbounia. Loved this meal! Mediterranean food with a modern spin. The ambiance is very me and romantic. One day when Paul comes with me to NYC we will definitely be back to this restaurant. Thanks for the rec, BTW! You guys really nailed it with this one.

-Buddakan. This one isn’t necessary Instagrammable since it’s very dark, but it’s beautiful and the food is amazing! The edamame dumplings are the reason I always come back but this time I tried some other dishes that were incredible, including their dessert, which YOU MUST HAVE!

-Top of the Rock. I love views so I had to come back a second time. This time we booked sunset tickets and it was seriously stunning. If you want a full view of NYC I say do Top of the Rock over top of the Empire State Building.

-Brigitte. Another French restaurant we ate at for dinner one night. It really took me back to Paris–the staff, food, and vibe is very French and I loved it!

-Glossier Showroom. If you’re a beauty junkie you’ll want to drop by the showroom. It’s V IG-worthy and their products are SO good.

-Apartment by The Line. Someone on IG suggested I go here and I’m SO glad I did. It’s a very chic boutique in Soho (you have to go up an elevator on the street). I didn’t buy anything but their displays are major home decor goals.

-Nomo Soho. I’ve stayed at this hotel and it’s extraaaaaa cute. We dropped by one morning for a quick coffee and croissant before shopping around Soho. It’s worth walking through, they do a good on the decor. Especially their outdoor / indoor restaurant area.

-BlackTap. Okay, well we never actually got into this place. The line is literally an hour long and goes around the block at ALL HOURS. No joke. The place closes at 1AM and there’s still a line (trust me, we tried). I desperately wanted to try one of their cute, over the top milkshakes but since we weren’t down to wait my mom recreated one for me at my gender reveal (see pic on my IG).

-In general, we walked around Central Park, Soho, Chinatown, 5th Ave, Chelsea Market, Ground Zero, and a little bit in Williamsburg. There’s really no better way to see and explore NYC than to just walk around. Each time I visit I find more places I love and can’t wait to go back.

What are your favorite spots in NYC? Leave them below in the comments so I can reference it for next time!