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How I Get a Tan & Glow Before Coachella

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I’m heading to the desert today for Coachella and of course I had to make sure my tan and glow was on point. Not gonna lie, Coachella usually lands during an awkward time for my tan, as it’s just after winter but before summer. In other words, my skin could use a little help pre-festival. I’m not the biggest fan of spray tans, especially in the scorching heat, so I prefer to use products that I’m familiar with and love. Bali Body has been my go-to for a tan and glow for quite some time now so I was positive I could achieve the results I was looking for. Without spending a single minute in the sun, my skin went from pasty to sun-kissed, bronzed, and glowing.

Between the Bronzing lotion adding a hint of tint (& smoothness to the skin), and the Shimmering Body Oil supplying the highlight and glow, my body looks like I just got back from a tropical vacation. For the face I always use the BB Cream (in the color Tan)–I use it almost daily and it’s the perfect face product for long days in the heat. It’s lightweight but gets the job done. To top it all off, I’m loving the Coconut Lip Balm for festival season since it has SPF 15, keeps the lips super hydrated, and also has a little tingle that plumps the lips. I like to keep my makeup pretty low maintenance during the festivals so this combination of products is everything I need to keep my tan and glow in check.

To see how I apply all of these products you can view a tutorial in this video here. However, here are a few tips for each product:

-Bronzing Lotion: Apply to clean skin. Use a good amount so it’s even, streak-free, and gives you complete coverage. You can always build upon the layers if you want to go darker. Allow it to fully dry for a good 10 minutes before getting dressed.

-Shimmering Body Oil: I love using this day or night. It has the slightest tint so you’ll definitely see a bit of a tan, but ultimately your skin will glow with this oil. It really highlights well on collar bones, breasts, legs, and arms. I guess that would be almost your entire body LOL. Make sure to shake it well before applying to activate the shimmer and let it dry for 5 minutes before getting dressed.

-BB Cream: I use this over primer. It serves as my “foundation” since I don’t like anything too heavy on my face. The Tan shade is the perfect color for my skin since it’s slightly darker than my natural color. You’ll instantly notice the glow it gives, too. Definitely a favorite.

-Coconut Lip Balm: You can wear this on nude lips or over a little lipstick. Kind of depends on the look you’re going for, but I often apply the lip balm over a matte lipstick to add hydration and plumpness to my lips.

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