Second Trimester Pregnancy Update - Sivan

Second Trimester Pregnancy update

This week I will be 22 weeks pregnant. So crazy to think I only have 18 more weeks to go…time is seriously flying! So I kind of have a bone to pick with my belly. I mean, I’m over 5 months pregnant at this point and I still look like I ate too much pasta (or drank too much wine–I wish!). WTH! The issue is it doesn’t look like a pregnant belly, so basically I feel like one of those people who is wearing something they shouldn’t. I’ve definitely developed some body dysmorphia during this pregnancy since I’m just not used to seeing my body look like this, and it’s giving me a taste of what it feels like to be self conscious about your own body. Not a fun feeling. However, I’m also trying to see the positive in the situation, and hopefully this just means I will be able to “bounce back” quicker after birth. Let’s hope.

As I mentioned in my first pregnancy post, I’ve been seeing a nutritionist throughout my pregnancy to ensure I’m eating an ideal diet (especially with my thyroid condition) and also taking all the right vitamins and supplements. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have my weak moments and I’ll have a bowl of Velveeta macaroni & cheese, but I’m well aware how worthless that is to eat so it doesn’t happen often. I’m all about moderation and balance. I haven’t really had “cravings” but my body is definitely wanting lots of cold fresh tropical fruits, so I make sure the house is stocked with organic fruits at all times. For the most part my eating has remained the same–I’m not eating for 2. My portions are the same as pre-pregnancy and my appetite seems to be the same, too. I’m actually convinced that due to those two factors the baby is getting all the nutrients / food, which is why SHE is growing and I’m not.

Since entering my second trimester I feel like my energy is back for the most part. I can handle a full work day as long as I’m snacking and drinking lots of water, but I still get tired around 7PM (& in bed by 9PM). There are days where 3PM rolls around and I’m abnormally sleepy, and on those days I just take it easy, plop on the couch with my laptop, and try to work the rest of the day from there / here. In fact, I’m currently in said couch-laptop position with a dog on either side of me. Gotta stay comfy!

Speaking of comfy, sleep has started to become a little challenging for me. I’m still sleeping 8-9 hours a night, but my pregnancy pillow is crucial. I need a firm pillow between my legs to keep my hips in line otherwise I wake up with extreme soreness. My doctor also wants me to stop sleeping on my back to protect my spine from the pressure of my belly, so trying to become a side-sleeper has been a real bitch. My shoulder falls asleep and I end up flipping from side to side often, which just makes me have to get up to pee. So….sleep is starting to be a little less relaxing these days. Maybe that’s my body’s way of prepping me for those sleepless nights? Not looking forward to that, for the record. Yeah, I said it.

As for beauty products, it seems like most everything I use is safe. My doctor told me not to overthink on that stuff. I stopped using my Latisse and I’m limiting the amount of self-tanners I’m using, but for the most part everything has stayed the same. I learned the hard way about tanning last week. I was in the sun for about 2 hours on a pretty chilly day with my Bali Body oil on and burned to a crisp. My lips also blew up from the sunburn and now I have painful, blistering lips. Ouch. When we go to Maui I plan on using extreme sunscreen and zinc, plus my handmaiden visor, and an umbrella. It’s just not worth the pain.

Headaches have actually been my biggest struggle this trimester. They are hormone-induced raging migraines that can last up to a week straight! Absolutely miserable. I’m not a big pill-popper in general so I’ve been holding off on that so I highly rely on my ice packs, essential oils, and honestly, just sleep. Back-lit screens (phone or TV) hurts my eyes so I can’t just lay back and watch a show until it goes away. I need silence, darkness, stillness, and a freezing cold compress. My allergies have also been in full swing, which doesn’t help with the headaches. My inflamed sinuses trigger headaches as well so I’m taking vitamin C so help contain my allergies until the season passes. Praying it’s almost done.

Below I’ve listed all the vitamins and supplements I’m taking, as well as the diet my nutritionist recommended I follow. Her plan was designed for my specific genetics mixed with the pregnancy. Like I said, I try to follow it as best as I can, but I’m not an extremist so I allow myself to indulge. Also, my nutritionist has really interesting research behind all of her recommendations, so while some might sound off the wall, I see no harm in following this regiment while pregnant.


Vitamins / Supplements

Prenatal vitamin. I take 2 per day and has all the essential vitamins for pregnant women.

-Fish oil. It’s supposed to prevent your baby from ever developing depression. Super important to take while in womb, not after. It also helps with joints.

-EPO 500. Promotes good overall health.

-B12 / Folate. Important for a healthy nervous system.

-D3. Has super active vitamin D, which my levels were average, not great. Healthy levels of vitamin D decrease the chances of breast cancer, which is something that runs in my family.

-Vitamin C. A natural anti-inflammatory to help with my crazy allergies / sinuses.

-Selenium. An antioxidant with lots of vitamin E, which protects tissue. I started taking this to help with my allergies.

-Progesterone cream. At night I rub a small amount on my belly. Supposed to increase baby’s IQ. Let’s hope!


-All organic everything. No unnecessary chemicals, pesticides, hormones, etc.

-High protein diet. Every single meal must have protein. Super important for the baby’s development.

-No fish. Aside from the mercury, studies show that not only is the Pacific ocean super contaminated, so is the Atlantic. My nutritionist would prefer I avoid fish altogether since we aren’t sure of the quality of fish even when it’s super fresh or organic.

-Avoid dairy, gluten, & sugar. Not quite happening, but I try.

-Lots of water. Like, 3 massive Smart Water-sized bottles a day. No excuses.

-Variety in fruits & veggies. Mixing it up will ensure your baby has a diverse palette.

-Avoid plastic. Studies show that there is something called “estrogen mimics” found in plastic that can transfer into food within 3 hours of being exposed to it. Estrogen can be a huge issue in fertility and while pregnant especially you don’t want to be pumping yourself full of it. It’s incredibly difficult to avoid plastic, as almost EVERYTHING sold in markets (even stores like Whole Foods or Bristol Farms) put the food in plastic containers, wrap, etc. When I buy chicken I ask for it to be wrapped in butcher paper instead. I only use mesh bags for my produce (not the free plastic ones in the aisles), and I only use glass Tupperware. While it’s impossible to avoid entirely, I’m trying to slowly cut it out as much as possible.