Learning To Take Compliments - Sivan

Learning To Take Compliments

How many of us can’t take compliments? I, for one, am incredibly awkward when people pay me a compliment and often contradict it or altogether shut it down. Why? Not entirely sure, but when it was brought to my attention recently that I can just simply say ‘thank you’ it got me thinking. As women we spend so much time and energy on things like picking out the perfect outfit or finding the right skincare routine for our complexion to thrive, and yet when someone points out the positive outcome we can’t seem to accept the compliment. As someone who considers herself confident, this is anything but. I’m making it my mission to change my attitude towards compliments and start accepting them with a smile on my face.

Skincare is a huge priority for me. I’ve always felt that if my skin is healthy then everything else is just icing on top. Makeup can work wonders, but a good skincare routine is irreplaceable. My skin goals involve using as many natural products as possible that will hydrate and brighten my complexion. I first started using Kopari products on the beach to get a deep golden glow since all of their products are coconut oil-based. When they developed skincare products I instantly knew they would be amazing. The simple ingredients and straight forward products makes the whole routine efficient and effective. The products I’m using are coconut rose scented, which honestly, smells like a fresh vacation on your face. These days I really value simplicity and Kopari nailed it with these products.

The Kopari routine looks something like this:

Coconut Cleansing Oil: I’m loving the concept of applying oil on my face to cleanse. It might seem counterproductive, but while it strips away all makeup and excess dirt, it’s hydrating my skin at the same time.

Coconut Rose Toner: My favorite part. I pretty much spray this all day since I love the way it smells, but after the cleanser I spray and let air dry.

Coconut Face Cream: So. Much. Hydration! I love using creams instead of lotions since they are richer and absorb into the skin rather than just sitting on the surface.

Coconut Lip Glossy: Again, smells incredible, but also very hydrating. I keep this next to my nightstand so I can continue to reapply.

Kopari is encouraging us all to learn how to take a compliment so I encourage YOU to watch this video and say ‘THANK YOU!’ next time someone pays you a compliment 🙂