Maui Babymoon - Sivan

Maui Babymoon

Babymoon: best idea in the world or worst? On one hand, it’s your last real vacation as just a couple (no baby)–get in some quality time and relaxation for the two of you. On the other hand, what’s a vacation without a cocktail?! Am I right?! Okay…Paul said I’m starting to sound like I have a problem so I’ll lay off the no alcohol comments, but seriously, this was my first trip sans rosé and for the first time during my pregnancy I reallllllly wanted some. I didn’t, in case you were wondering. But anyway, last week was my babymoon on Maui, and we spent 6 lovely days at the Four Seasons in Wailea.

As many of you know, I grew up on Maui, so I don’t particularly care to do many touristy activities. And being that this was my “last” relaxing vacation, I was fully embracing the downtime at the hotel. We chose the Four Seasons, as it’s a place we are both familiar with, and we always have a good experience. You might remember our epic trip to Bora Bora, where we stayed at the Four Seasons as well. They just really know how to give their guests a memorable stay. I’m big on the details, things like the shot of lemon-ginger juice as we arrived, the chilled lavender-scented hand towels passed out at the pool, the fruit on a stick circulating the beach, the Missoni cabana (!!!), the Wellness menu designed specifically for people looking to eat (& drink) a little healthier while still indulging in the good stuff! They. Just. Get. It.

I’d say 6 days was the perfect amount of time for a babymoon. We alternated between the beautiful beach and the Serenity [adult] pool so we had the option of ordering food and drinks. I also enjoyed the Dancing Goddess foot & head massage poolside, which was pure heaven! Paul wanted to feel special / pregnant, too, so we scheduled a couples massage beachside one day as well. If you’re not familiar with the FS Maui, they have 3 amazing restaurants– Duo, which is where we ate the incredible banana pancakes every morning, and also enjoyed lunch and dinner. Ferraro’s is a fave! Delicious Italian with lots of handmade pastas and fresh seafood. There is also Spago, which is a classic spot Paul and I love and enjoy in LA as well. As I mentioned above, the Four Seasons has a wellness menu in addition to all the great options in each restaurant so I made a point of ordering food & drinks off that menu to keep it guilt-free for the most part. Speaking of guilt free, can we talk about all the cute mocktails I had?! Who knew the non-alcoholic menu could be so fun. Not me!



For the most part I stayed on LA time, so we would wake up early around 6AM, head to breakfast at 7AM, and be on the beach by 8AM. I stayed protected from the sun by lounging under an umbrella and using tons of SPF. It was a first for me, as I typically slather on my oils and bask in the sun (LIKE A LIZARD!!!!), but when you’re pregnant you are extra sensitive so I was playing it safe. Let’s not forget my Handmaid visor, too. That was key! Our days were very mellow, mostly consisting of laying out, reading, and eating. We left feeling very relaxed and pampered, which is a nice feeling after a vacation. There’s nothing worse than needing a vacation from your vacation! If you’re considering Maui / the Four Seasons for your babymoon I can say it’s 100% the perfect place. The Aloha vibes are exactly what you want while pregnant (or not pregnant, for that matter), the natural beauty is unmistakable, and you’ll leave feeling “ready” for your new baby! At least, that’s how we felt 🙂

Stay tuned for my Maui vlog, a recap of my outfits and bikinis, as well as a guide to my favorite spots on Maui! All coming this week.