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Where I Went In London

I recently visited London for the second time and managed to cram A LOT in a short amount of time. I was out there with Herbal Essences but decided to extend my trip by a few days since it’s not exactly a place I visit frequently. Last time I was in London it was the dead of winter (aka too freezing to truly enjoy) and I was broke as a joke. Paul and I saved up to do a Paris & London trip about 5 years ago and while we had a blast and I fell in love with London (despite the cold), I wasn’t quite as savvy with IG to find the cute spots / I couldn’t really afford them…This time around I researched the places I had to visit and budgeted for some lavish activities like the afternoon high tea at Sketch. For the record, I’m all about balance while traveling. Food is a big expense and so I like to keep breakfast and lunch simple and go big on dinner. However, something like the high tea falls during lunchtime so dinner was low-key that day. Just thought I’d throw that info in so you know I’m not totally bougie while traveling.

I’m not sure if it’s just the time of year or what, but London was in FULL BLOOM. I’m talking massive flower installations outside of establishments everywhere you looked! It’s genius, actually. You have a restaurant or bar and want to get the attention of people: throw some faux flowers and greenery in a striking way all over the front and you’ve just become insta-worthy. I was stopping nonstop to take pictures in front of stores and restaurants all over. Aside from the exterior being so damn cute, the interiors were equally as IG-worthy. I’m super into the eclectic, mismatched but perfectly curated vibes that many restaurants in London possessed. So charming!

Overall I really feel like London is a city combining the best of many places. It has a charming European feel with all of the outdoor restaurants, excellent food from all over, and everyone speaks English, which is obviously a plus for me LOL. The people are SO friendly it was a nice change and very refreshing (even at the super posh places). Not something I’m really used to with strangers out here in LA. Sad to say, but it’s true! You just don’t talk to strangers out here, but in London it’s totally acceptable and people will respond with a genuine smile on their face.

Below I’ve listed all the spots I visited on this short 6-day trip. Since this was my last trip before the baby comes I wanted to make a point of hitting some spots that I know I wouldn’t be able to see anytime soon. Hope you enjoy!


-Sketch. I did the afternoon high tea in the pink room and O-M-G. It’s an Instagram DREAM in there! I was extra annoying that day but I honestly wasn’t even ashamed because everyone was doing it. This is where I discovered non-alcoholic rosé is a THING. I always have FOMO when I go to cute restaurants with yummy-looking cocktails but here I felt totally included. Definitely make a reservation–even though I went at 1PM and it was pretty busy, I managed to snag cute pics of empty tables as people left. Oh, make sure to drop by the restrooms, it’s very interesting in there…

-The Ivy Chelsea Garden. I randomly ran into my friend Louise Roe as I was snapping pics outside of this restaurant just before lunch. I felt like such a local knowing someone! This spot kind of has a similar vibe to The Ivy in West Hollywood. It has that mixed & matched decor with a heavy emphasis on the florals. Very enchanting and whimsical. The food is impeccable, might I add. We had a lunch res and requested to sit outside.

-Kew Gardens. I spent the day at the Royal Botanical Gardens with Herbal Essences and had the pleasure of being guided through by their in-house scientists to really learn all the plant science behind the gardens and also Herbal Essences products. It was a very cool experience. I highly recommend visiting Kew Gardens and hopefully you can make it on a pleasant sunny day.

-Bourne & Hollingsworth. I had brunch at this restaurant and it was incredible. Super yummy and the staff was super friendly. I’m sure their lunch and dinner is equally delicious if you can’t make brunch. HOWEVER, you’ll want to see it in the daytime to really get a feel for the vibe / decor.

-Spring. This is a restaurant in Sommerset House and another gem of London. Beautifully decorated and the food was next level! The portions were massive and I will never forget the ricotta tortellini I had there…it was perfection. We ate in a private room but the main part of the restaurants was popping and vibey (pink couches, too!).

-Shopping at Picadilly Circus. It really does feel kind of circus-y there. Very busy with lots of people walking around. Kind of felt a little like NYC. The shopping was GOOD though. I felt like their Zara was better and the prices were slightly cheaper, too. Score!

-Shopping on Bond Street. If you want to shop the high-end designer stores this is where to go. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Chanel, etc. I was obviously drooling over everything….

-Liberty London. Famous department store in it’s original location that has floors and floors of amazing items. I went crazy over the home decor floor, the baby section, and their perfumery. Definitely worth stopping in even just to look!


-Peggy Porschen’s Bakery. Pink with a floral explosion outside. I didn’t make it here but I hear it’s extremely yummy & IG-worthy, obvi.

-Elan Cafe. Another cute spot that I’m not entirely sure what their specialty is. BUT, looked very cute.