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Cutest Baby Clothing brands

I have to be honest here, ever since I found out I am having a girl I haven’t purchased myself a single item of clothing. I’m SO much more excited to shop for my baby girl than myself that it’s a blessing I’m a blogger and brands send me clothes. Otherwise I’d be screwed because I have zero interest in shopping for myself currently. But enough about me, today I’m sharing a list of brand I’ve discovered that I absolutely love for little ones. I really had no idea what I was in for in this department since I’ve never really shopped for babies before, but after scouring every cute baby boutique in Los Angeles, I feel like I officially have favorites.

I’m a big sucker for good fabric. I love nothing more than soft organic cottons for baby, and while they are definitely spendier than your average onesies, I find it to be well worth it. And sure, ask me how I feel about this in a couple months when my baby shits all over her pricey onesies and ruins them, but for now I’m doing it! I also like to think that newborn skin is going to be a bit more sensitive so in the first couple weeks I definitely want to put her in the softest fabrics I can find. She will be exposed to my puppies, furniture, other people, etc. so she can develop a “tolerance” from those elements.

Baby clothing can be tough. There’s a lot of cheesy stuff out there and I was very selective about the clothing items I purchased / registered for. Yes, my baby has a color palette. And yes, I know I’m cray. But did you expect anything else? For the most part I’m loving the neutrals–white, black, tan, grey, mauve, slate. I’m not against putting my girl in blue, but it has to be the right blue. Same goes for pink. I obviously love pink (have you seen my office??), but I’m not a fan of hot pink or overly bubblegum pink. I prefer muted tones of the shade. My mom actually almost fainted when the first clothing item I purchased for my baby was a black onesie. She couldn’t believe her eyes! Who even MAKES black baby clothing?! The answer is Kickee Pants, and they have the softest, cutest little onesies I’ve ever felt, and yes she has them in multiple colors (including….BLACK).

I could spend hours talking about the stuff I don’t like in the baby clothes world, but I’d rather just focus on the stuff I love instead. Below is a list of brands I’ve found at different boutiques that make really nice quality clothing. Some I love for their fabrics, others for their styles, others for color. I’m still a little confused about the sizing, as it seems each brand runs a little differently. Some newborn stuff is HUGE and then some 6-month stuff looks TINY….kind of confusing so I ended up getting an assortment of stuff in sizes newborn – 6 months just so I have her covered. I have a feeling she will be on the smaller side, as my doctor has told me I’m on the smaller side of “normal” so hopefully she won’t be too big for any of her super cute outfits.


-Tane Organics. Really cute styles & colors.

-Milk Barn. I’m obsessed with their prints. I don’t love a lot of prints in baby clothes, but they got it right!

-Coco Moon. Fabrics are soft like butter and another one that makes cute prints. Plus, love that they are Hawaiian.

Kickee Pants. BEST FABRICS EVER. Plus, they sell normal colors like black and white.

Zara Kids. They just make the cutest little styles. Prices are good, too.

-Monica & Andy. Love their little wrap onesies and they have some cute prints, too.

-Freshly Picked. Moccasins in every color imaginable.

-Feather Baby. Great line that has it all. Good fabric and cute styles.

-Lil Lemons. OMG baby version of the adult line. Enough said.

-Rylee & Cru. I’m obsessed with this line. Definitely on the expensive side but so adorable.

-Goat Milk. Great little basics line. I have some solid and striped stuff from them that I love.

-Jojo Maman Bebe. Discovered them in London & the Royal family dress their kids in their stuff. Obvi a win!

-Nature Baby. Another great basics line of neutral colors and soft fabrics.

-Newbie. A store I found in London that sells really sweet basics & printed clothing in nice fabrics at affordable prices.


Do you guys know of any cute baby clothing lines I should be aware of? You know, it’s kind of my thing right now. Let me know!