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How To Create An outdoor vibe

Summertime really has me focusing on my backyard lately. I still have a bathroom remodel happening inside, but I spend so much time outdoors this time of year that I’m much  more concerned about having a space to host and entertain. My backyard has really become one of my favorite parts of the house, especially now that we have this little furnished patio area. It feels cozy and inviting and happens to make for some killer Instagram shots (just sayin!). After we finished laying this bold tile down it was time to find some accessories to complete the vibe.

Here are some accessories to create a vibe in your backyard:

-Greenery. Since there is a lot of black and white between the tile and chairs, I wanted some contrast and neutral-toned accessories to make the space pop. It definitely needed plants, which is why I added the large terracotta planters from Rejuvenation in the corners. It adds height and a little color since I’m not the biggest color person. The planters have stands so if I decide to move them to a different part of the yard they can serve a completely different purpose, too.

-Lighting. The string lights really sealed the deal for me. Not only are they functional but they created the perfect mood lighting for the setting. Eating dinner outside feels whimsical and vibey like we are in Europe. Who wouldn’t love that, right?! In order to string them in an X configuration, we dug holes into the dirt and placed 10-foot poles to attach the lights. I went with a larger round bulb to so it casts enough light at night. Also, each strand is 40-feet long so I only needed 2 for this large space. Rejuvenation has a variety of string lights but I went with these.

-Texture. Lastly, the rug under the table added nice texture to the space. I personally love being barefoot outside so it’s nice to have something soft under your feet while eating. I picked something more muted so it wouldn’t compete with the bold tile and the touch of pink softens the whole area. In the past I’ve always had a hard time finding cute outdoor rugs but I was able to find this one on Rejuvenation along with my lights and planters.

What do you guys think? Are you loving the vibe? I foresee many outdoor meals taking place in my yard even after summer! Whose coming over?!