My Guest Room - Sivan


Over the weekend I set up my guest bedroom since we are officially 5 weeks away from babygirl’s arrival! I figured if I’m expecting anyone to spend the night and help me out, I better have a nice room for them to sleep in…so nice of me, right?! I’m half kidding. Half because I don’t actually expect anyone to spend the night (but I’m totally not opposed to it!), but I did feel it was time to set up a proper guest room rather then using the space as an extra storage facility. Once you get it set up it sort of forces you to get your stuff organized, which is exactly what happened to me. This room went from baby storage (stroller, car seat, pack & play, etc.) to pretty damn cute in one afternoon!

I didn’t want to overthink the guest room–I wanted it to be inviting, cozy, simple, and stylish. Kind of like a chic boutique hotel that super Instagrammable, you know? I also didn’t want to spend 4 million dollars furnishing the room so I opted for quality where it matters. For example, I splurged on nice bedding from Urban Outfitters so my guests feel comfortable spending the night. I also really wanted a light colored rug (also from Urban) to give the space an airy feel. I kept the decor to a minimum to allow the focal points to be the rug and bed, but of course had to accessorize with some throw pillows and plants.

My guest bedroom is on the smaller side so I wasn’t too concerned about filling up the space entirely. Plus, I wanted my guests to have space for their stuff when they stay with us. My advice for furnishing a guest bedroom on a budget is to pick and chose the items that are worth spending more on. Have a fabulous focal point and let everything else remain simple. Urban Outfitters has an insane selection of bedding, curtains, rugs, and pillows that allows you to get creative with your space and have one area shine. Of course, if you’re not working on any type of budget you can go to town with all the fun artwork and home decor accessories they have, too.

I’m hoping my guest bedroom is inviting enough for people to want to spend the night, but of course, not for too long….LOL!

What do you think? Would you want to spend the night in this room? Be honest.


This post is in collaboration with Urban Outfitters. As always, all opinions are my own.