Baby Rich's Nursery - Sivan

Baby Rich's Nursery

Baby girl’s room is finally complete! It took me months of being pregnant (like 5-6 months) before I could really wrap my head around what I wanted to do in there. It was a combination of not knowing the vibe I wanted, wanting to wait until after my baby shower so people had fun things to get off my registry (no one wants to buy a Diaper Geanie, let’s be real lol), and ME just physically not looking / feeling pregnant. I needed a full-blown belly to emerge before it could really hit me that I was having a baby and needed to get the room set up. Once the wallpaper went up everything else kind of just fell into place, but not quickly. The one thing I knew going into this project was it needed to be somewhat neutral. I wanted furniture that could easily transition into other themes, plus if I have another child I want to be able to reuse some stuff (especially if it’s a boy….neutral would be very convenient).

So as I said, the wallpaper was first. It set the tone / vibe of the room and from there I picked out pieces that would be easily transitioned into a different look. I stuck with mainly whites and light wood tones (obviously), which can sometimes be tricky with baby stuff. Now yes, I’ve heard from TONS of people about just how “crazy” and “delusional” I am about my choices in light furniture and decor, but you know what? If my baby shits on the carpet THAT’S OKAY. I don’t buy super expensive stuff for this exact reason. I live with 2 dogs…I know shit happens. Literally. There are a select handful of expensive rugs / items in my home but at the end of the day I like to buy things that if /when they get wrecked I’m not crying about it. So yeah, the room needed to be light, bright, happy, and neutral.

Let’s talk about the dresser / changing table for a sec. There’s actual changing tables you can purchase (all so damn expensive), OR you can just hack one from Ikea. Basically I purchased this dresser from Ikea, changed the knobs, bought a changing pad and frame, nailed it into the dresser, and voila! All under $300. It’s a decently sized dresser so you have plenty of space to store baby stuff and the surface is perfect for the changing area.

The wallpaper was a nightmare. Like actual, full-blown, never-doing-it-again nightmare. It caused a fight between Paul and I (as we were attempting to hang it) and gave me major anxiety when I stepped back and could see all of the mistakes. For the record, we never took it down to have it re-done…I’ve moved on with my life. If people have the nerve to point it out we will no longer be friends (kidding). BUT, word of advice…don’t do it yourself. It makes such a statement in the room that I truly love it, but I already know in a year I will be ripping it off and recreating the space so I wasn’t about trying to pay to have it redone.

The rest of the furniture was fairly easy to find. I’ll make sure to include all the major pieces that are shoppable within this post so you can find everything (or at least something similar). The room is pretty small so I didn’t go overboard on stuff. I stuck to the basics / essentials and added some little touches that I think make it special and my own. I can only hope my baby girl allows me to decorate her room until she moves out because we all know just how crazy I am about my home decor and if she tells me one day that she wants a themed room that just isn’t my aesthetic, well…..I will cry myself to sleep lol.