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7 TV Shows I'm watching

Last year I posted about my top 12 TV shows and after looking back at the list a lot of them are totally done. To be fair, some needed to be done. But there are still some that are going strong and I’m still watching. I wanted to put together a quick list of updated TV shows I’m currently watching in case you’re looking for something new to binge (because is there any other way to watch a show???). I’m also at this point now where I prefer TV shows over movies. I feel like they (whoever makes the shows lol) are putting so much more effort into the storylines and and casts that they are just overall better. Here is what I’m currently watching:

-Handmaid’s Tale. OBSESSED. Definitely my favorite show on TV. So dark, so emotional, but such a good story. It’s a Hulu exclusive so either borrow someone’s login or sign up for the free trial and binge watch the shit out of it.

-Ozarks. So. Much. Yes. I love a suburban family turned drug money launderers, don’t you? It’s thrilling, fast paced, and dirty.

-The Sinner. I’ve only watched the first season but I powered through it fast. It was really good and unexpected. Have yet to start season two.

-The Affair. Okay, I have to say, this show needs to end. I loved it at first (love affair set in the Hamptons) but now it’s just gone on too long and they are stretching the plot. But it’s still a good watch seasons 1-3.

-Sharp Objects. HBO exclusive based on the book. I loved the book but the show is a little slow. I have a couple episodes left but I’m not jumping to watch it sadly.

-American Horror Story. Just started the new season (Apocalypse), which I hear is a cross-over between my 2 favorite seasons Murder House & The Coven…all I can say is STEVIE NICKS!!!

-Insatiable. I tried watching this. I gave it multiple episodes, I really tried. It has this teeny-boppers feel to it but also a little murder mystery vibe but I just can’t get into it. I think the beauty pageant element is what kills me about this show. Not going to finish the season.

What are you watching? Anything I’m missing out on? Let me know below.