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How To Chill Out At night

I love a routine. Even before having a baby (where everything is about routine) I was always a fan of consistency. I get sick pleasure from going through the motions of something I’ve prioritized in my day like making my bed in the morning. It sets a tone and also gives me a slight sense of accomplishment. AND of course, there’s the benefit of doing it in the first place. Developing a nighttime routine has helped me establish calmness, order, and some self care in the evenings. Today I want to share a few steps from my nighttime routine that have helped me unwind and also gives my skin some extra TLC.

Since my skin is considered dry (face & body) I am always looking for ways to boost hydration all over. I find that at night my skin can handle the heavier rich products like oils and balms and when I wake up in the morning it has absorbed and leaves my skin feeling renewed. Since giving birth I take 2 showers a day (if you need to know why, read this post here), and before bed I love nothing more than a hot shower. On clean skin I use the Ren Atlantic Kelp Body Oil, which is light (not greasy) and super moisturizing. I started using this while pregnant on my belly to keep the stretch marks at bay and now I still focus it on my belly as it shrinks back down since it helps with elasticity. You can also use this if you have sore muscles, it’s pretty amazing stuff!

For my face I love the Evercalm Overnight Recover Balm since it’s designed for sensitive skin (like mine) that battles dryness and inflammation. Even though it’s a balm-to-oil formula you don’t need to worry about ruining your nice bedding because it is not oily or greasy at all. The antioxidants in this balm helps the skin absorb it quicker and deeper, making the whole process so efficient and effective. Even if you don’t necessarily have dry skin every night, I think a once a week application is essential to help your skin recover from everything it is exposed to daily.

Before I get into bed I spray down our pillows with the Ren Pillow Spray, which is a luxurious little tip for making your sleep feel extra relaxing. It has a nice aromatherapy scent that enhances your sleep so you give spa-like vibes in bed. The spray is made of frankincense oil, lavender oil, and hops oil that soothes the mind, helps reduce anxiety, and enhances the depth and quality of sleep. Sleep is already my favorite activity of the day so why not make it fabulous, right?!

What is your nighttime routine? Are you doing anything that has changed the way you sleep? Share with me below.