Our First Holiday Card - Sivan

Our First Holiday card

I’ve never been a holiday card kind of girl. I just couldn’t bring myself to take a photo with Paul and the dogs in matching sweaters (or something along those cheeseball lines). And aside from the outfits, I never saw any card designs that were particularly “me.” Not to say that I had FOMO about not sending one out–because trust me, if something isn’t my aesthetic it’s not happening–but I always wondered at what point in life holiday cards would become a tradition of our family.

Since Capri arrived I had a bit more incentive to send one out (obvious reasons), but the card needed to be 1) aesthetically me, 2) not overly holiday-ish, and 3) good quality. I was also hoping to find one that would be fairly easy to put together–I wasn’t exactly interested in some complicated process that would take forever. Keeping all of this in mind, I went with Minted for our first ever holiday card. I literally spent 5 minutes scrolling through designs before landing on the one. Marble, gold foil, super simple text, & quick af! I plugged in a cute photo of us (absolutely no trees or lights in sight in our photo), signed our names & DONE. Seriously…

The cards arrived a few days later (along with custom stamps to match & hi, no visit to the post office necessary!) and I’m very happy with how they turned out. The whole process was truly effortless and the best part is I’m not even slightly embarrassed to send these out! Because let’s be honest…I didn’t want to be THAT girl who has a baby and suddenly sends out a family portrait of us dressed like Santa’s elves. If you’re last minute and still want to send out a cute holiday card head over to Minted to find a design in 5 seconds and get those cards sent out like tomorrow!

I’m linking some additional designs I was considering in this post as well to help you out.