Why Is Instagram Obsessed With Babies? - Sivan

Why Is Instagram Obsessed with babies?

So serious question here, what is the deal with Instagram and babies? It seems like anything to do with the topic–pregnancy, babies, families, etc.–is just so engaging. I had a very strict talk with myself well before I even got pregnant about baby content. I was highly against going overboard with too much baby stuff, and not necessarily for privacy reasons because, well, my whole life is on display, but for the sake of not being annoying. I follow a few people with kids and I find myself tapping through their stories because I don’t need to see your kid playing with the same toy for 45 slides. I just don’t. I know I sound like a giant asshole but this was something I vowed not to do once I had a baby. However, I am blown away by the response I received (& still receive) towards posts showing my daughter.

Okay, so basically anything that she is in (static posts OR stories) are my top performing pieces of content. WTF. Obviously I’m flattered. I love her to death and find her to be THE cutest baby in the world but I didn’t really expect anyone else (aside from my family) to really feel the same way. The first few weeks after having Capri I wasn’t on my Instagram as often (obvious reasons) but I still posted glimpses here and there into how we were adjusting into parenthood. I would sprinkle in Capri videos along with my “regular” content, thinking I was doing such a great job balancing the two, but was shocked to learn that no one gave a fuck about anything else BUT Capri. Hmm…

3 months later, I’m relieved to say that my audience has a restored interest in ME. Phew. I was starting to get nervous LOL. And not because I need all the attention, but because I’m not trying to put my child to work just yet. With her being new I think it was an exciting new person to see and people just want what’s fresh. While my content with Capri is still my top-performing posts (did you see my 2018 Top Nine???), I’m glad that we can continue our regularly scheduled programming along with her cute self (aka beauty, lifestyle, etc.).

But what I want to know is WHY? WHY are we (not really ME, because I still don’t really care to see other people’s kids….sorry, I know….I’m weird) so fascinated by other people’s kids? Is it because we want advice? Someone to relate to? Something to aspire to? OR are we simply nosy and want to see how other people live their lives and handle one of the hardest parts of life? I think it’s a little mixture of everything. For me, if I follow a mom [blogger / influencer] it’s because you either 1) take nice photos I could use for inspiration, 2) offer something of value like how to apply for a baby passport, or 3) because you’re my friend and I have no choice but to follow you (LOL). It’s hard for me to just follow someone just because they are pregnant or have babies. Because let’s face it, at the end of the day I only want to invest my time in a stranger if you’re providing me some type of value.

My last thought on this topic is…HOW does Instagram know when a photo is posted with a baby (or baby bump)? I mean, I’m not above sharing that when I post a photo I monitor it closely for the first few minutes to “see how it’s doing.” When I post a photo of Capri the ‘likes’ flood in by the 100’s each second. In fact, one of my mirror selfies with her is my second highest liked photo ever, garnering over 30,000 likes. Again, WTF?! Is there some technology that I’m not aware of that just flags baby-related content to reach a wider audience? Honestly, the whole concept is just strange to me. On one hand, I’m grateful for the spike in engagement and SO glad you all love my baby. On the other hand, I just want to know…why the hell are we SO obsessed with random people’s babies????

Would love to know your thoughts. Do YOU love following other people’s babies? If so, what about it is appealing to you? Tell me everything.