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How I Deal With Imitators

Let me start off by saying this: I see everything. I read everything. I choose to ignore it.

That goes for imitators and haters. When I decided to become a blogger and put my life out on the Internet for the world to see, I knew that eventually some negativity would be thrown my way. Did I have any clue how it would feel or how I would deal with it? Absolutely not. Does it bother me? Sometimes. But mostly I choose to NOT engage with Internet bullies and trolls because that is ultimately their goal. To get a reaction out of you. There, that’s all I will say about this topic. Like I said, I prefer to ignore it altogether than to even address it or respond.

For years (safe to say around 3 years now), I have had the most loyal & supportive audience tuning into my channels (Instagram, Stories, Blog, etc.), following along as I drink rosé in bikinis around the world (& in my living room), styling & re-styling my Ikea bookcases, shamelessly promoting Miraval, taking absurd photos in the snow, & basically just living my life in a stylized way that I’ve created on my own. I call my public lifestyle Lux Unfiltered, which means (to me) attainable luxury in an unfiltered voice. There’s no fake shit, just me actually living my life and sharing it with the world. I happen to have a specific aesthetic that seems to be enjoyed by those following along and I LOVE that. In fact, to be considered an Influencer (IMO) you should have the power to influence people to do something the way you do.

When people buy something I have, wear an outfit I post, cook my recipes, travel to the same destination and use my travel guides, or style their home the same way, that means I am doing my job [well]. I take pride in this and appreciate when you guys share your similar experiences with me. It makes me feel like I’ve formed a community of like-minded people.

What I don’t particularly love, is when other Influencers knock me off. Of course, I draw inspiration from other people all the time. It’s only natural, and that is essentially why we put ourselves out there–for other people to consume our content and hopefully be inspired / influenced. BUT, to copy someone entirely, claim it to be your own, and try to make a living off of it seems cheap to me.

A few years back (when I had a small following and just started building my business) an Influencer I was friendly with, who had a much bigger following than me, went to Italy right after me and took all the same pictures, down to the bikinis, lipstick, drinks, locations, poses, etc. My mind was blown. I felt used and cheated, as I worked hard to create my content and then someone with a larger following just copies everything I did for a much larger audience to see (& think was her original ideas). It didn’t sit well with me. But that was my first taste of imitation and I knew it would only get worse.

It’s pretty shocking the amount of times a day certain photos (or profiles altogether) are sent to me from YOU GUYS, telling me how you’re offended for me and that it’s kind of creepy how much said-person’s photos look like mine. Honestly, it’s not flattering to me, either. I think it’s tacky and awkward but I also know that there is only so far someone can go posing as someone else. Pictures are just that, pictures. As much as I take pride in my content, I also know that my voice, blog posts, and videos are something no one can imitate and that gives me comfort. At the end of the day, imitating my pictures is cute but it will only take you so far…

I am also aware this happens to other Influencers. I have personally stopped following accounts after noticing that their content is a direct knockoff of someone else. In my eyes you’re taking credit for someone else’s work and creative vision and I just don’t like that. I think you should always give credit where credit is due and be honest. I also think if you’re an Influencer (or trying to be one) you need to have something different than everyone else.

I’m honestly a little tired of seeing the same things–this is HOW my content started btw, trying to escape the typical shit all over IG. The quintessential blogger pic of coffee, flowers, and macarons has now turned into a chick eating spaghetti in a cute restaurant. It’s time for a refresh, don’t you think? My life is currently in a weird transition of just having a baby and trying to find my new “normal,” and I’m hoping you stick around as I figure out the evolved version of who I am post pregnancy. After all, I can’t sip rosé in a bikini forever, can I? JK. Obviously I can. But you know what I mean.

Fun fact: the collage of images in this post are my most recreated images…I won’t name names 😉